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Bare Upcycled Pouches

Rs. 250.00

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  • Carry your necessities with ease and style with these Bare Upcycled Pouches either with a zipper or with a flexible tie-up case!
    • All the lining fabrics, braids, inside flaps are made from scrap textiles or fabric ends from larger rolls that end up not getting sold and would have otherwise ended up in our landfills!
    • Sourced from small vendors and handcrafted by local women! 
    • Zippers used are metals, and labels are pure cotton. Zipper pouch is made using unbleached cotton for the outer casing and pure cotton fabrics in fun weaves, prints and textures for the inner casing. 
    • Tie-Up case has a braid made from scrap/waste cotton in different prints that makes for a very durable closure-an upcycled, eco-friendly solution! Put your cutlery in and wrap up the case into a roll, securing it with the braid that doesn't unravel.
    • Washable, reusable and extremely compact! 

    Now, never forget anything because you'll be so excited to carry your pouch!

    Whether you choose the zipper or the flap, you'll definitely divert tons of scraps (from our landfills! Hope you enjoyed the rhyme)

  • This depends on what you'd like to use the pouch for! Use it when traveling, for your stationary, or you can even check out our bundle with cutlery and straws!

  • This pouch is long-lasting and already diverting waste from landfills through upcycled fabric and cloth! Take care of it and it'll last you a lifetime!

    MRP: Starting from Rs.250/- incl. of all taxes

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    So simple and convenient!