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Handcrafted Spa Bars | Soaps [Pack of 4]

Rs. 620.00 Rs. 560.00

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  • It can be difficult to make choices and also constantly ordering 1 at a time, contributing to your carbon footprint. For this reason, we bring you the nature’s pack of spa bars, to make it easy and environmentally-friendly for you to try our favourite bars P.S. This nature’s pack of spa bars, along with zero waste packaging also makes for a perfect gift!

    Ingredients: Please click on each spa bar to get more information

    Size: 75 g / spa bar

    Shelf life: Use within 48 months of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place
  • Just like a normal spa bar, but environmentally, skin and body friendly!
  • Once done, you can compost the packaging of the spa bar!

MRP: Rs.620/- incl. of all taxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ria Hejib
Great quality!

Love the soaps for its quality and ingredients. They work perfect for exfoliation and smoothing the skin as well. Totally worth it!

Ankit Banka
Fragrant and lush

The first bar which I used is the Cinnamon Trails with a Twist bar - it has an intoxicating and soothing scent that permeates the senses as soon as I enter the shower. It lathers really well too, and using the soap is an indulgent affair. Overall, I am really pleased and I am eager to try the other scented bars in the coming weeks.

Mithra Peri
Transcend yourself into a spa therapy

From the moment you open the package, the fragrance just sets the right mood. You become conscious about your morning rituals in a beautiful way. Unlike mass-produced products, Bare feels personal and close to the heart. It absolutely calms and soothes you down to start your day on a great note, and winds you down in peace at night. Go for it! You will notice these subtle traits that make your product experience oh so better!

Kanchan Babani
Absolutely amazing!

First off, I love the packaging! The bar is wrapped without any excess tape or glue residue which means I am absolutely using the wrapper in an art project. The bars itself seem lovely. I've started out with the turmeric bar - it smells subtle, lathers easily without feeling synthetic, its got some granules which feels gentle against the skin & it has left my skin feeling soft & hydrated. Also an important part, it hasn't left any soap scum residue on my marble floor. Nor is the bar melting away quickly with use. Its retained its solidity. I'm looking forward to using the other three & then repurchasing this lot! Thanks for a fabulous set of soaps!

Debolina Raja
Gentle and eco friendly..loving them

i bought these as gifts and for personal use and they have been much appreciated and i loved them too. Gentle on the skin, suitable for all, subtle fragrance and best of Love the sustainable packaging too!