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Peppermint Party Natural Toothpaste

Rs. 175.00

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  • Made of nothing but baking soda and organic oils, Bare Peppermint Party Toothpaste is a refreshing, sustainable and natural alternative while coming in earth-friendly packaging. The ingredients blend together with their various properties to keep your teeth and gums healthy - It’s mint-astic, you are gonna love it!

    P.S. Most toothpastes found in the market have an average of 21 chemical ingredients, many of which are harmful for our bodies while being packaged in plastic toothpaste tubes that typically end up in our landfills!

    Ingredients: Baking soda | Organic coconut oil | Organic peppermint essential oil

    Size: Small - 30 g, Large - 200g

    Shelf life: Use within 3 months of manufacture
  • Scoop a tiny dollop with a teaspoon onto your toothbrush (maybe a bamboo one?) before every use
  • Once done, there are many ways to ensure the jar doesn’t go waste
    • Reuse the glass jar for other household items or DIY ideas
    • Repurpose the glass jar as beautiful vases or household item storage
    • Refill more Bare goodies using our refill stations or returning the jars to us
    • Return the glass jars to Bare Necessities for further discounts and generate less waste!
    • Recycle the glass jar at your nearest dry waste centers


  • Small - Rs.175/- incl. of all taxes
  • Large - Rs.475/- incl. of all taxes


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nandita Banerjee
Cleans, brightens and smells good!

I have been using the Peppermint Party toothpaste for a while now. It definitely does the job of a toothpaste. In addition its convenient to carry when travelling and leaves a good smell in the mouth after use.

Sheefali Mahant
Great product!

Its a great formula which is not only safe for the teeth but also leaves a very refreshing feeling in the mouth. The cleansing action of this toothpaste seems better than any of the conventional toothpastes available in the market. Though it could take a few days for you to get accustomed to the taste.

Kaveri bhatia
love it

I alternate between toothpowder and peppermint party tooth paste. This one gives such a refreshing and clean feel on the teeth. Love it. I have been using it for months now.

Deepika Prabhakar
Worth it!

Definitely took some getting used to, but worth sticking it out for! Love the sustainable packaging, and the formula does a great job with oral hygiene.

Great product, chemical free, healthy ingredients

It's been several months and I am on to my second jar. I do not use any other toothpaste anymore. Its ingredients are good and my teeth look and feel cleaner without chemicals. The coconut oil esp makes me feel I am doing oil pulling also so that's an extra benefit. I keep it inside the fridge because when you keep out the ingredients separate. It becomes hard but in the morning I scrub out some of the product with a spoon and use it like I would use a tooth powder.