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Zero Waste Dental Starter Kit

Rs. 299.00

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? Brush your teeth presumably?

But, what is your toothbrush made up of? What is your toothpaste packaged in? PLASTIC?

This zero waste dental kit allows you to think incrementally and take your first zero waste step, in your own bathroom, something that is in your control!

Here’s our zero waste alternative to help you jump start your day and your zero-waste journey:

  1. A compostable bamboo toothbrush
  2. A small peppermint party toothpaste

 MRP: Rs.299/- incl. of all taxes (long lasting investment for the environment and your bank account, think about it!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nandita Banerjee
A thoughtful sustainable gift idea

I have been buying and giving Dental Starter kits and similar items as gifts to friends and family. They have been much appreciated for their compactness, convenience and it feels good that one is starting the day contributing their bit towards reducing plastic usage and waste. These Bamboo toothbrushes also last longer than the plastic ones.

Nupur Kachhara
Great products

The tooth brush, I have no issue with, except I don't know how to remove the bristles when you're done with it (apparently you're supposed to use pliers..... I don't have pliers). It does good cleaning, nice grip, has a polished surface - I think it does better cleaning than the regular Colgate tooth brushes LOL. The toothpaste is interesting. It's very different from anything I've used before. Comes in a little jar that you can reuse (to make cute soy wax candles) after the toothpaste is finished. It tastes weird, but that's okay because the taste doesn't last very long. You're supposed to keep in the refrigerator, a detail i missed (oil ended up melting in the heat of the summer and floated to the top and the baking soda settled to the bottom of the jar). It doesn't have preservatives so you're supposed to finish it within 3 months of manufacture (another detail i missed coz I'm a moron). How to apply - you're supposed to scoop it out with a teaspoon, which I think is messy so I just use my pinkie finger. Other than that, I think it does a good job of cleaning teeth, and it doesn't even leave a minty aftertaste like other toothpastes do. Another thing - when you refrigerate it, it'll solidify and you'll need to soften it a little before using it, by running it under tap water. I think this is super messy, and there needs to be a way around this. So, in short, just 2 issues with the toothpaste - needs to be able to handle temperature changes better AND needs to be able to survive some "contamination" (coz we're lazy people). ANYWAYS, great products, great effort, AWESOME packaging. I love your guys' commitment to sustainability!!

Payal Srinath

It takes getting used to. Specially when you see your teeth all black. But it feels good post the brushing. I would definitely recommend it.

A 100% worth it!

It takes a little to get used to the initial shock of brushing your teeth with baking soda, post which you get used to the taste. It actually feels great because you're certain there are no chemicals. It does make your mouth feel minty fresh, you don't really feel like you're missing out on a toothpaste. It'll be great for you guys to have refill centres in Pune too!

Manisha Katti
Sustainable at it's best

Firstly their packaging game is amazing!
Loved how sustainable the entire kit is, I loved how I did not feel guilty creating non biodegradable waste for as basic thing like dental health. Bamboo brush is really good and paste worked quite well. Really appreciate the products and packaging.