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Upcoming Events / Webinars

Date: December 19th, 2020
Time: 11AM - 12PM
Registration Fee: Rs. 300/-
Festive Season - Zero Waste Events

Whether you’re planning a family dinner, a picnic, a get-together to celebrate new year's or christmas or any event filled with joy and lots of laughs, it is now more important than ever to be safe and take lots of precautions. With that said, what if we told you, your events can be safe and also zero waste and eco-friendly? Yes, you heard us right!

Fact: Food waste and food packaging from parties and events account for a minimum of 20% and sometimes up-to 60% of waste generated overall!

Zero waste events do not mean there’s zero fun! In fact, by hosting or attending a zero waste event, you are having lots of fun while being mindful of the environment and letting your creative juices flow. Join us for our webinar where we speak about zero waste invites, activities, decor, zero waste party logistics! (Party planners, unite!)

Join us on our webinar for:

  • Ideas and insights on how to make your event zero waste
  • Zero Waste Event logging and planning
  • DIY Zero Waste Decor
  • Event brainstorming session
  • Question and Answer session

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Date: January 9th, 2021
Time: 11AM-12PM
Registration Fee: 300
A Whole of Life - Zero Waste Personal Care

New Year, New You, Same Planet! Are you excited for 2021? Because we are! With every new year comes a ton of resolutions and goals we set for ourselves. But are we being inclusive of the planet while doing so?

Fact: Did you know that only 8% of the those who make new years resolutions, actually keep them?!

Let us help you reboot and consider what is really important to you and your family while setting realistic goals for yourself this year. Additionally, we will reassess the kind of personal care products we consume along with the impact they can have on the environment.

Join us on our webinar for:

  • Ideas and insights on how to go zero waste in your personal care
  • Zero Waste Personal Care logging and challenge
  • Interactive session on mindful resolutions
  • Hands-on DIY to go zero-waste in your personal care
  • Q&A session
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