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Mr. Loofah [Natural Body Scrubber]

Rs. 499.00

  • Description
  • How to use
  • End of Life
  • Eco-friendly lifestyles couldn't get any cleaner! Use our bath scrub for your deep cleansing needs during daily showers to help stimulate skin and blood circulation along. A natural, guilt-free scrubbie for exfoliation and healthy skin!
    • Zero Waste
    • Body Brush for exfoliation and circulation
    • Deep cleanse after a long day
    Pair it with your favourite Bare soap and you got yourself a zero waste shower/bath!

    • Outer Exfoliating Scrubber - 100% Sisal Fiber
    • Inner Filling - 100% Vetiver Root
  • Dip the loofah in the hot water to soften the vetiver roots and agave fiber net.

    Rub your soap bar against the bath scrub or loofah (whatever you'd like to call it!)

    Scrub away!

    Once done, leave it to dry
  • Completely natural, making it zero waste and compostable in your home composters itself!

MRP: Rs.499/- incl. of all taxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love Loofah

The best loofah I have ever came across ! Also, sorry for being this late on writing this review ! Honestly, once we get this loofah we don’t need to buy atleast or even more than 10-15 years at all! Totally loved it!

Quality Stuff

The loofah is a premium product , it gives you a good feel while scrubbing unlike plastic loofah. It also helps in blood circulation; worth every rupees
Highly recommended

Love this Loofah!

Feels very relaxing unlike the plastic loofah. The vetiver fragrance hasn't gone yet and one of the reasons it feels so relaxing. I use this with the bare spa soaps.
Highly recommend this!