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CocoNuts bout Scrubs | Dish Scrubber


Rs. 99.00

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    • Cleaning greasy kitchenware and dishes while keeping our planet clean - can you think of a better way to go sustainable in our homes?
    • Using coconut husk that is usually discarded after consuming a coconut, it's time we give it a new life - these scrubs, derived from coconut fibre/coir, along with its perfect natural texture and anti-microbial benefits, will have you going loco for coco-nuts!
    • Another step to going plastic-free and zero waste in our homes and for our planet!
    • Dimensions of 1 scrub pad: Length - 10 cm, Width - 7.5 cm 
    • Includes: Pack of 2 - includes 2 scrub pads, Pack of 6 - includes 6 scrub pads
  • Ahh the easiest part! Place it next your sink and use it to scrub that kitchenware!
  • Nature, nature, nature - being completely natural, you can compost this right at your home and contribute to rich soil! 

Country of Origin: India

  • Pack of 2 - Rs.99/- incl. of all taxes
  • Pack of 6 - Rs.199/- incl. of all taxes