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Paper Tape | Eco friendly

Rs. 295.00

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  • Widely known as Gummed Tapes or Water-Activated Tapes (WAT) – A paper tape that uses water activated adhesive to seal the boxes.

    3 inch in width (3" W)
    100 metres in length (100m L)

  • Sprinkle a little water on the tape to activate its glue before using it on the surface. This can be done using a spray bottle, wet sponge or a paper tape dispenser. 

    Please make sure to not to use too much water.

    • Permanent box closure – Eliminates the need to use of multiple layers of tapes. 
    • Secures Bond – Starch-based adhesive quickly bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments. 
    • All-Weather Use – Not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.
    • Pilfer proof for security – A carton sealed with water-activated tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal. Tamper proof once sealed.
    • Durability and strength – Extra strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between the high tensile strength sheets for an extra margin of strength.
    • Environmentally friendly – The use of single-use BOPP/Plastic tape is eliminated
    • Has great appealing aesthetics! 

MRP: Starting from Rs.295/- incl. of all taxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Just go for it

Plastic masking tape is unavoidable in our life nowadays.
Each and every Amazon parcel etc comes wrapped in it. It's non recyclable. Just stays on in the landfill. While we can take steps to reduce our consumption of online products and buy local, tape was also used in my house a lot to stock package stuff , stick stuff etc . The white masking tape that looks like paper also has plastic. The tape from Bare came in a brown cardboard which was also secured by the tape. It's so strong that I couldn't tear it off like we do masking tapes. Instead I cut the tape on the box edges and could directly give it for recycling,also it's super strong. Though the size is Big, you can easily cut it as per your requirements as it doesn't become sticky before spraying water,it's just like normal card paper. I used a spray to add water. It wasn't messy at all. We cannot force organisations to use but can cut down plastic tapes at an individual level at least..

Love it!

I did not expect the roll to be as big as it is! Such a great price for the size, and the quality is lovely.
I really like the tape; it's such a wonderful swap to traditional clear/plastic tapes. Also, it really elevates the aesthetics of my packing. I normally reuse newspaper, brown grocery bags or cardboard boxes, and this tape adds a bit of rustic charm to these materials.

loved it

wish it came in smaller size as well. But love the quality and strength of the product.

Excellent Product

Loved the self adhesive brown paper tape. Very good quality of paper and the glue sticks really well. No second thought just go for it.
I wish they made different sizes.