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Seed Paper Pens


Rs. 150.00

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  • While we continue to care about handwritten notes, we couldn’t help but wonder if there are any eco-friendly sustainable alternatives for plastic pens.

    We have had the amazing opportunity to partner with a talented man from Kerala, who while being parapelgic, is extremely talented in his art to bring you these wonderful pens! An affordable, environmentally-friendly seed paper pen that embodies local art, culture and gives back to communities and our environment!

  • Use just like a normal pen but far more environmentally friendly! A word of caution, they are paper caps after all, so with time and use the cap could get loose
  • At the end of the pen’s life, you can unwrap the pen and sow it to give life to a pretty little plant. While they do have a plastic refill in them, they are more affordable than ink pens and significantly less footprint than plastic pens

Country of Origin: India

MRP: Rs.150/- incl. of all taxes