FAQs | Bare’s Natural Deodorants

FAQs | Bare’s Natural Deodorants

The latest addition to our zero waste personal care products is our refreshing deodorants. Here’s a quick round up of all the questions we have received from our Bare Fam. 

  • 1. Are our deodorants actually natural? 
  • Yes, they are! 

    Our deodorants are made with natural, earth friendly ingredients. A blend of Arrowroot Extract, Coconut Oil, Cacao Seed Butter, Apricot Oil, among others making for a safe, gentle on your skin. It is completely free of chemicals such as aluminiums, baking soda, parabens and phthalates 

    2. Do they effectively control odour? 

    Did you know that sweat itself doesn’t stink, but the bacteria that thrive on it do? These bacteria love warm, moist areas, which is exactly what sweat creates. As they chomp away, they produce nasty odours. 

    To tackle this, we have used Magnesium hydroxide as a key ingredient in our deodorant to neutralise odour. Magnesium hydroxide creates an alkaline environment on the skin’s surface, making it less conducive for the growth of bacteria. 

    Our deodorants are designed to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

    3. Are the deodorants cruelty-free? 

    Yes, it is! We are PETA Certified and our deodorant is not tested on animals. And and, it does not contain beeswax, making it completely vegan 

    4. What are the fragrances available? 

    We have three unique refreshing fragrances. From floral to citrus to refreshing, musky fragrance, we’ve got it all! 

    Our Garden of Eden Deodorant is a lovely floral fragrance, while our Rock N’Roll is a citrus burst deodorant. And lastly our Round the Clock deodorant is an earth, musky fragrance. For more details on our fragrances, you can check out this blog here :) 

    5. Does it help with moisture and sweat control? 

    Yes, it does! 

    We have formulated our deodorants incorporating Arrowroot powder. It acts as a sponge for sweat, absorbing moisture. This soaks up excess sweat, keeping your underarms dry and comfortable super comfortable 

    6. I have sensitive skin, can I use these deodorants

    Absolutely, you can! 

    Our deodorants are formulated with gentle, earth friendly ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. 

    Should you have any specific concerns, we recommend a patch test before regular use 

    7. Do your deodorants leave stains on clothing? 

    Nope, not a mark! Our deodorants do not leave any stains or marks on your clothes

    8. How do I apply the deodorant

    Formulated in a balm-like consistency, our deodorants are packaged in a tin jar. We send your deodorant with a wooden spatula to scoop the product and you can apply it onto the underarms. Gently massage it into the skin 

    9. Can I return the tins back to Bare Necessities

    Of course you can! If you have more than 10 tins with you, feel free to return your jars. For more details you can check out our Return Your Jars programme here 

    If you are placing a repeat order for the deodorant, we give you the option to add the wooden spatula separately. Thereby, preventing wastage and promoting conscious consumerism. 

    10. How can I store the deodorants

    Please store it in a cool, dry place and use it within 12 months of manufacture