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  • Shopify | 2020 The Year of Entrepreneurs

    Small businesses from around the world share the stories of hardship and hope they experienced throughout 2020. The challenges they faced, the way they improvised and adapted, and their resilience helped us through this year and will drive us into the next.

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  • More than child’s play

    If you’re tired of playing the same old board and card games, here’s some good news for you.

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  • Five Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs Who Are Helping Our Environment

    On world environment day 2020, we recognize the efforts of eco-friendly entrepreneurs across the country who worked selflessly and relentlessly to provide us with a healthy environment. These green entrepreneurs are changing the world and making it a better and greener place by saving our planet, lifting people and advancing growth.

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  • Shaping the Future- The Environment Issue

    As Generation X and xennials grapple with fully transitioning to conscious living, young millennials and Generation Z are leading the charge to reverse human-caused environmental damage. Sahar Mansoor, founder and CEO of the Bengaluru-based zero-waste social enterprise Bare Necessities,

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  • Zero-waste made easy by Bengaluru-based firm's e-book ‘DIY recipes’

    Face masks from items you have at home; a floor cleaner made with baking soda, white vinegar, essential oils and water; an epsom salt and water natural mosquito repellent..

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  • Brandversation with Sahar Mansoor, Founder, Bare Necessities | Never Too Small To Brand

    Brandversation is a series of interviews with successful young entrepreneurs, leaders, brand practitioners and owners, who share their perspectives, thoughts on how what are key aspects which goes into building great brands.

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  • Clean Up Your Act

    As the beauty industry looks for ingenious solutions to its plastic waste problem...

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  • Chase 180, S2|E2 Sahar Mansoor

    Dreams can be a reality & Sahar Mansoor’s journey from a multicultural experience during her studies to a ground reality exposure of the ecosystem around us is a vivid example. Take a pause and watch this journey of her.

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  • Green Heroes | Meet Sahar Mansoor, owner of Bare Necessities

    This Earth Month 2020, we will be lending our page to Green Heroes who have made impressive strides in generating interest and awareness on sustainable living.

    Today, Sahar Mansoor, owner of Bare Necessities – Zero Waste India pens down her thoughts on seeing the greener side of life.

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  • Meet the Brand Founder | Sahar Mansoor of Bare Necessities on Sustainable Beauty | By Sublime Life

    Kick starting a new series of Brand Founders of the Sublime Family is Sahar Mansoor of Bare Necessities.

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  • #LockdownLessons Zero waster Sahar Mansoor’s guide to living sustainably

    If the Covid 19-triggered lockdown of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that when push comes to shove, we humans beings...

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  • These Green Entrepreneurs Are Showing Us How To Live A Zero-Waste Life

    Sahar Mansoor was in her third year of college, when a video of Bea Johnson in one..

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  • Waste Not, Want Not

    If you’ve wondered, a bit guiltily sometimes, about your carbon footprint or simply the amount of waste you produce daily and wanted to do something about it you should invest some time in picking up the 

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  • The Positive Change

    This week we had the opportunity to learn from Sahar Mansoor, founder of Bare Necessities.

    Sahar has established herself through various initiatives..

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  • Women Power: These 8 Startups founded by Women Entrepreneurs in India are killing it in 2020

    Sahar Mansoor’s Bare Necessities is an initiative towards building conscious environmental products for their users. It eliminates the critical element.. 

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  • Zero-waste lifestyle made easy

    Leading a zero-waste lifestyle often comes with the notion that it is either too expensive or difficult..

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  • Bare Necessities & SDGs

    Through our production and education methods we are changing the rhetoric relating to plastic use and products containing.. 

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  • SonderStories season 4!

    Episode 1: Sahar Mansoor (Founder of BareNecessities) in Conversation with Lathika Pai! 

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  • Let's Talk Trash | Sahar Mansoor | TEDxBITSathy

    Let's Talk Trash | Sahar Mansoor | TEDxBITSathy

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