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We have done a variety of workshops of different lengths and versions. Every partner we have worked with has a unique theme, and thought process, and we love it! We customize our workshops to meet your goals and requirements. From informative resources, to hands-on activities, to insightful discussions with experts, we take a holistic approach with our toolkit to align it with yours.

For The Kids

For The Kids

Educating kids about waste is a big step towards a sustainable future, because they are the future!

We have a diverse range of workshops and activities that we can incorporate and can customise based on your needs and theme!

Waste segregation activities to DIYs to fun hands-on activities, we have ideas for it all!

Kids get to take away their work, and learn fun, new things! 

Other Workshops

Other Workshops

We have a number of other workshops and/ or talks that we can run based on the requirements and budget that the audience has.

Addressing waste issues on a case by case basis helps to promote people to think for themselves and to understand what they can do to make a difference. We have done a variety of workshops in the past addressing pivotal topics that we are faced with today, from the Future of Food, to Design Thinking, Circular Economy, and Gender and Social Stigmas!



We run a number of packages based on your capacity, budgets and requirements. 

Talks are our low cost package, this does not involve interactive components, but provide information for the audience to use long term in order to improve their lives.

Talks and Workshops - The costs of our workshops will vary. We first listen to your goals, and ideas and build you a tailored proposal consisting of a cost structure that will work for both parties.

Talks and Workshops with Pop-up stall - If your event has a component of a pop up stall or market area, we can run our workshop and/ or talk along with a pop up stall. This is a bundled package which is quite beneficial, as not only do attendees become knowledgeable, but are also able to make immediate switches.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Stories and knowledge sharing have always been important to us, let us know your thoughts on any of our platforms. 

Contact us at for more information, and we can organize impactful events together!


  • To build sustainability in our everyday life, we conducted a Knowledge Café in our organization SBIMF around the theme of zero-waste living, by partnering with Bare Necessities.

    This was an extremely interactive workshop full of learning and practical advice on sustainable living, which is the need of the hour.The session was interspersed with key highlights on how each of us can make small changes that can contribute to a larger cause as well as practical and easy DIY’s.

    Mehul and Reshma shared great insights and covered large ground on the topic including tons of questions from our audience.

    Thanks you Bare Necessities – Zero Waste India for giving us an impactful session.

    - SBI Mutual Fund

  • It was really lovely to see all the positive comments and feedback from the students during the sessions. I truly hope we were able to mould a few more eco warriors for the planet!

    A special thanks for adapting the sessions to suit the different age groups and evolving the workshops based on the feedback we received. It was wonderful working with you and everyone at Bare Necessities.

    - CHIREC International School

  • Thanks so much for making the engagement such a success! It was quite a success for it being the first time we were doing an entirely virtual event. 

    - Dharashree Panda [Flipkart] - Associate Director - Sustainability

  • I would need to know what coffee you guys are consuming because the energy during the workshop was amazing! 

    I have got numerous individuals reaching out to me and seeking the recording for the workshop as the word went around that the workshop was brilliant.

    - Pratham Joshi [CISCO]

  • Thank you so much for a great workshop! I found the balance between information sharing and DIY projects very engaging. I have already heard from several students and teachers about how interesting and inspiring your presentation was. The Kindergarten workshop was very entertaining! Your team did a great job working with the little ones.

    - Marion Whisnant [AISC Chennai] - HS Staff CIC

  • Thank you so much, wonderful hosts and impactful! Thanks for a great session and sharing such content for us all to be aware along with the format. It was very engaging!

    - Pallavi Nayak [People and Culture] - Soroco

  • It was such a lovely workshop and so much of learning. Thank you for all your efforts last evening.

    - Jyothi Bezawada [Goethe Zentrum]

  • Really nice session! Thank you so much! Amazing, really helpful and thank for creating such awareness. It is true, and yes, individuals can make big changes!

    - Disha Alva [Asst Manager, Employee Engagement] - Byjus

  • First of all, thank you so much for conducting such a wonderful session for our students today; really appreciate it! :)

    You have facilitated an opportunity for us as teachers to have a much larger conversation on sustainability with our students. And the DIYs really got the kids and even teachers excited. 

    - Maxim Wen (Grade 3 and Grade 4 Teacher - Ascend International School)

  • Thank you, Reshma and Mehul, for a truly enriching workshop! I've been hopping on and off the band wagon for a while now and this workshop really re-affirmed my will to want to do better. Thank you guys :)

    - Krishnapriya (someone who attended our monthly workshop)

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