We partner with a variety of organizations and communities to conduct sustainability-themed workshops on a diverse array of topics. Our strength not only lies in the team and our expertise, but also in specially curated workshops.

From informative sessions, to hands-on activities, insightful discussions with experts - our approach is all about interaction and being holistic because we understand, everyone learns differently and when it’s relatable!

Our Curation Process

Our Curation Process

Understand your sustainability goals, requirements, vision and type of engagement (in-person, virtual, long-term partnerships)

Curate and present an action plan which could be for workshops or more elaborate partnerships; to help you form a green community, to raise awareness via online courses or books or starter kits

We brainstorm together and we agree upon the scope of work! Finalize and execute!

Case Studies

Case Studies

Addressing waste issues on a case by case basis helps to promote people to think for themselves and understand what they can do to make a difference!

We have done a variety of workshops addressing pivotal topics from Zero Waste Living, to Design Thinking, to Health + Wellness, to Circular Economy, while addressing a wide array of age groups as well!

Here are some case studies of our work:


CHIREC International School



Goethe Zentrum

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you are part of HR, communications, employee engagement or sustainability team within your organization, reach out to us and let’s simply have a chat to see if we can help you grow the movement within your organization!

The same goes for absolutely anyone wanting to raise awareness of sustainable living and how we should strive to build a fair and a just future

Please contact:


  • It was a wonderful session and we had a good turnout compared to many other workshops we have hosted.

    It was insightful and fun. Looking forward to working with you guys in the future too!

    - Suganya [Manager - Digital Transformation, Olam]

  • It was an absolute delight to hear both of you in such an valuable session with some really beneficial day to day insights and practical tips, loved every bit of it. It was great to see such whole hearted active participation. Much appreciate your immensely treasured contribution for this noble cause.

    Vinay Minocha I Director | CRES MI/Supplier Risk Governance CoE and India Service Ops.

  • On behalf on entire Barclays environment network team, once again (knowing Poonam has already done it in the session), thank you both for the wonderful session and insight into the amazing work that you and your team is doing for this noble cause.

    It was real pleasure and thought-provoking!!

    Barclays Payments CTB – Acquiring

  • Thank you, to the team, and especially to Rebecca and Reshma for the enlightening workshop on zero waste.
    I have paid up for your 30 day zero waste program but simply haven't had the time to go beyond the first video. Today's workshop has motivated me to resume it right away.
    I was blown away by your easy DIY citrus diya idea and the tie & dye concept. I can't wait to try it out at home. Please please conduct such demonstrations for school children and college goers too. It's the need of the hour in the current world of Instagram and social media.

    The workshop was such a good investment of my time today so thank you very very much!

    - From a workshop attendee

  • Thank you for 2 great sessions! We learnt a lot. Inspiring to see your passion as sustainability advocates! We hope to bring you guys back again to teach us more! See you soon and take care!

    - Smitha Gopalakrishnan [Manager, Brand, Communications and CSR - 3M]

  • I would need to know what coffee you guys are consuming because the energy during the workshop was amazing! 

    I have got numerous individuals reaching out to me and seeking the recording for the workshop as the word went around that the workshop was brilliant.

    — Pratham Joshi [CISCO]

  • Thank you, Reshma and Mehul, for a truly enriching workshop! I've been hopping on and off the band wagon for a while now and this workshop really re-affirmed my will to want to do better. Thank you guys :)

    - Krishnapriya (someone who attended our monthly workshop)

  • First of all, thank you so much for conducting such a wonderful session for our students today; really appreciate it! :)You have facilitated an opportunity for us as teachers to have a much larger conversation on sustainability with our students. And the DIYs really got the kids and even teachers excited. 

    - Maxim Wen (Grade 3 and Grade 4 Teacher - Ascend International School)

  • Really nice session! Thank you so much! Amazing, really helpful and thank for creating such awareness. It is true, and yes, individuals can make big changes!

    - Disha Alva [Asst Manager, Employee Engagement] - Byjus

  • Thank you so much for a great workshop! I found the balance between information sharing and DIY projects very engaging. I have already heard from several students and teachers about how interesting and inspiring your presentation was. The Kindergarten workshop was very entertaining! Your team did a great job working with the little ones.

    - Marion Whisnant [AISC Chennai] - HS Staff CIC

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