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    Zero Waste Earth Friendly Living

    Handcrafted products that care for the environment as much as they care for you

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    Zero Waste Lifestyle

    Jump start your plastic free journey

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    Zero Waste Personal Care

    Personal Care natural goodies - kind to the planet and your body

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    Mindful Gifting

    Care for the Earth with your gifting habits

    Zero Waste gifting
    Bare Packaging
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    A Whole Of Life - Earth Hour Special

    We all love the environment, but sometimes may not know how exactly we can express our love for it, right? One simple way to show your support for climate change is through Earth hour - one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment.

    This Earth Hour, join us as we learn about making a difference through our lifestyles and create awareness about the same! We will explore fun, practical activities to reduce our carbon footprint, thereby, tackling climate change.

    Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2021
    Time: 11AM - 12.00PM
    Registration Fee: Rs. 300/-

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