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    Conscious Living Made Easy

    Handcrafted to perfection

    Zero Waste Earth Friendly Living

    Creating products that care for the environment as much as they care for you

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    What Our Customers are Saying


    This course has helped me understand how big a crises this could be if we still make choices that have an impact on the environment. It has made me conscious of the waste that I was generating by being completely unaware of where it all ends up and made me more mindful.

    - Rajvi Sheth

    Gave me Hope!

    As the world's waste output continues to increase every single day, it is important for us to be mindful about our actions. Human race has the ability to make a change. It might seem impossible to lead a zero waste life but it is totally possible. We just need to slow down, be cognizant and reflect on our actions. I learnt a lot of things on how to lead a zero waste life but more than anything this course gave me hope. Hope that it is possible to live a zero waste life and make this world a better place to live.

    - Tejashwari Naidu

    I found my bar!

    This is my third time ordering it, and I love how it smells. I like to buy the whole pack and in bulk. My personal favorite is the cinnamon trail with a twist. Smells so good! And last way too long.

    - Kenyum Bagra

    Natural Toothpaste

    It definitely takes a bit of getting used to when compared to our regular toothpastes. Once you get comfortable with it, it's a great brushing experience.

    - Kushal M.

    My teeth is bright and gums are happy

    This one from Bare Necessities has been the far best bamboo toothbrush I have used. The quality is great, the wooden handle is easy to hold and also dries up fast (unlike some of the ones I have used before) .I am not sure of how plastic free the bristles are, but they are soft to not hurt your gums. Would make a great swap for any plastic toothbrush.

    - Reshmy

    Beautiful and with a heart

    I absolutely love the toothbrush. Not only is its simplistic look appealing, I use it everyday knowing that I'm doing my bit for the environment. Thank you for creating this, BN!

    - Neha K.

    Everything is perfect

    I'm impressed on how the lipbalm works for my lips. I love the plastic free packaging and also how the product arrives.💟

    - Irene L.


    After I used the espresso yourself coffee scrub my skin went so soft and smooth, I felt like I was touching someone else's skin which was like butter soft!!

    Thank you bare necessities!!! Loved it

    - Sumaiya

    Amazing Workshop!!

    The Bare Necessities workshop at Nicobar, Bangalore inspired me to begin my journey living more sustainably. While I had come across avenues and resources before to live more consciously, it never seemed practically feasible. Participating in the workshop helped me understand how easy it was to make your own products and reduce single- use plastic in daily life. Always grateful.

    - Devina

    Truly Inspiring!!

    The Bare workshop was truly inspiring and helped me take my journey to living sustainably to the next level. Sahar's demo made going plastic free so much more accessible and approachable. I'm so glad I was able to go to this workshop as it fundamentally changed the way I live today :)

    - Padmini