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#BareZeroWaste Diwali Sale - 25% off! #BareZeroWaste Diwali Sale - 25% off!

Zero Waste Packaging

Shipping using Bare Boxes
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We use low waste packaging. Let's break that down for you, shall we?

We only use post consumer materials for packing your Bare boxes. We use left over cloth scraps from our vendor and the printing paper as the cushioning material for our glass jars.

Our labels are printed on recycled paper and we use only paper tape for our packing!

We encourage customers to reuse the glass jars in the kitchen, compost the toothbrushes, and recycle all packing materials. Below is a short video on how we pack your Bare box! 

Shipping using Ecovia Bags
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Let us walk you through how it all works. So typically when you receive an online order, you would rip the packaging apart with all your might and strength and toss it in the bin. Sounds familiar?

Well, Ecovia is essentially changing the narrative here, by empowering you to return their reusable packaging back to us at Bare, while also rewarding you with exciting vouchers for acting responsibly.

Simply scan the QR on the package and schedule a pick up date and time as per your convenience. Their eco-ninjas will show up at your doorstep, collect the package and you’ll have your reward unlocked! 

Each of their packages is designed to be reused 150 times and hence cater to that many orders, which means each Ecovia package eliminates the need to produce 150 single-use packaging materials. Their packages are also made from recycling plastic bottles, where each package eliminates 4 PET bottles from the environment. 

Read more about 'Bare x Ecovia' collaboration here.