Hair Matters, but You Matter More

Hair Matters, but You Matter More

My grandma inculcated the best hair care practices in me. Growing up, she would sit me down on a chair, patiently oiling my hair, combing the knots out and braiding my hair to make two long plaits. As I entered my teen years, I hopped on to the trend bandwagon, which my grandma so severely detested. I went in for my first hair appointment and chopped up the thick bush that was my hair into criss-crossing layers. And well, my hair looked great! It was so easy to manage that I no longer needed anyone’s help. 

As I grew up, the less attention I gave to my hair and well, my hair started shedding like a tree in fall. Hair fall was real, sigh. The much dreaded thing that my grandma so meticulously worked to prevent, looked me straight in the face.

I realised soon that hair has always been a critical way in how we choose to define beauty. Long, healthy locks are seen as a symbol of femininity. The time taken to maintain hair is part of a larger self care regime and that’s perhaps what my grandma was passing down to me.

However, the larger picture here is to understand that while having luscious hair is great, it cannot become the sole focus of our self-worth. 

Beauty standards are subject to the winds of change ever so frequently. Creating one’s hair care regimen on the basis of the standards dictated by the beauty industry is not ideal in the least. But after all, hair needs love and care.

Andddd, to help tackle that is a little guide put together to help navigate this through a well-rounded approach. 

What’s the issue? 

Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons - genetics, hormonal changes, stress, water quality, harsh hair products, and underlying medical conditions.

These are normal and we may have all experienced one or more of these at some point in time in our lives. However, given the immense emphasis laid on hair, it will unsurprisingly affect us in some way. 

Holistic Hair Care:

A great way to approach hair care is by shifting the focus from fixing an external issue to nurturing ourselves, as a whole. 

  • Doctor, who?: If your hair loss is severe or sudden, it’s best to rule out any underlying medical conditions with a visit to the doctor
  • Pesky dandruff messing with you?: The white flakes left on by dandruff is not only a huge source of annoyance, but is also a cause for self-consciousness. Washing your hair regularly, moisturising it and nourishing it can be great ways to tackle it. Fundamentally, well rounded changes like the ones listed below can be practical and sustained solutions to your dandruff woes. 
  • Food sets the mood: Food is important. Food is nourishment. Incorporate the rainbow into a balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals. Eat mindfully and consciously.

  • You NEED your beauty sleep: During deep sleep, your body enters a repair and regeneration mode. Aim for 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each night.
  • Stress=out: Our lives are certainly busy and yet, it’s important to keep stress at bay. Engage in activities that help you de-stress and that’ll bring you back rejuvenated
  • Judge a product by its label: Consciously making the switch to kinder, non-toxic products, will most certainly help with your hair. And this is something that we can certainly help with. Packed with gentle surfactants, our Crans n’Roses and Down To Earth Shampoo Bar are super effective to remove dirt, grime and build up. And to condition your tresses, we’ve got you covered with our Love is in the (h)air Conditioner Bar, which softens the hair, improves manageability, and reduces frizz aka anti-frizz!

A healthy head full of hair is a thing of beauty, but it doesn’t define you. Don’t let hair, or its lack thereof, diminish you in any way. Love and accept yourself unconditionally and shine bright, you star!