Earth Day Action | Easy Swaps Make a Difference

Earth Day Action | Easy Swaps Make a Difference

Our favourite time of the year is finally here! Happy Earth Day, Bare Fam! 

We all are so lucky to call this beautiful planet with the most stunning landscapes and diverse vistas our home. We owe it to ourselves, the future generations and the planet itself to keep it healthy. 

Keeping it healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore, so we bring to you these 10 super easy swaps, you can make for a sustainable, planet friendly lifestyle. 

  • Ditch the Disposable: Say sayonara to all those pesky single use plastic items from straws to bottles to coffee cups. Invest in a reusable bottle, metal straw and a reusable mug. Not only will your wallet thank you (those single use purchases, seriously add up!), but the landfills will too! 
  • Embrace the Tote Life: Pack a shopping bag for all your shopping adventures. It hardly weighs anything and it’s the easiest way to reduce plastic waste. 
  • Get Crafty!: Ditch the plastic wraps and aluminium foils for reusable beeswax wraps or good old plates. Andddd, to wrap gifts, check out sustainable gift wrapping techniques like the Furoshiki Method or using newspapers that can be painted or block printed.
  • Shower Power Down: Don’t we all love a long, hot shower? It’s so indulgent and calming. But those gallons add up. Challenge yourself to shorter showers or turn off the water while you lather up. Every drop counts! 
  • Turn it off!: Leaving the room? Flick that switch off! It’s a simple habit that uses less energy and keeps your electricity bill happy. Bonus brownie points for using energy efficient LED bulbs. Electronics guzzle up energy even when on standby. Make it a habit to turn off unused electronics - computers, TVs, phone chargers.

  • Reuse the leftovers: Leftovers happen and they are normal. But tossing it in the bin for it to end up in the landfill is not. Store them in reusable containers for another delicious meal
  • Creating Compost: Kitchen scraps and yard waste can be composted to create a nutrient rich fertiliser for your garden
  • DIY Cleaners: Explore natural cleaning alternatives like bio-enzymes, vinegar, baking soda, which are not only super effective but kinder to the environment too. 
  • The Power of Repair: Don’t throw out that floppy slipper just yet! See if it can be repaired instead. Local repair shops can resurrect your accessories and appliances, without burning a large hole in your pocket 
  • Shop Second Hand: Give pre-loved clothes, books and furniture a new life! Thrift stores are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. You’ll reduce waste, save money and find a unique gem. 


Talk to your friends and family about your eco-swaps and they would share theirs too. The more people involved, the larger the impact we can make. Every bit counts and let’s leave the planet in a better shape we found it in. Here’s to a happy and healthy Earth Day!