Employee engagement | Retreats to welcome kits

Employee engagement | Retreats to welcome kits

Building a team is an integral part of any organisation. It is that critical component that adds value to the mission of the company, shaping innovative ideas to ensure the brand stays dynamic, all while being at the forefront of the cause that the organisation wishes to champion through its various offerings. 

Our team is true to our mission, ensuring each team mate is aligned with our ethos and purpose. Over the years, we have created a team that has experience working across cultures. Moreover, our team has worked with varied socio economic groups in India abroad. These factors together, bring forth interesting perspectives to address our environmental and climate crisis

Both by intent and design, we are an equal opportunity provider and have built a team that comprises diverse socioeconomic groups. Our team, though largely women, is incredibly diverse in experience and backgrounds. We celebrate the important role women play in our organisation, especially in the powerhouse that is our manufacturing team. By creating green jobs, we are contributing to a sustainable future while empowering those who might not have had access to such opportunities otherwise. 

Given our unique team, we emphasise deeply on employee engagement. It goes beyond just perks and fun activities, although that is important too :). It is fundamentally about fostering a healthy and transparent team culture. We encourage open communication across all levels, thereby, allowing everyone to feel heard, valued and empowered to contribute their ideas

For instance, we host weekly team meetings to discuss unique ideas ranging from sustainability to climate change to women empowerment to fun short films! In a rotational manner, each of our team mates conduct sessions in a topic that they specialise in for the entire team. Thereby, constantly enabling a learning first culture

We recently took the team out on a fun retreat. With fun activities and games, the retreat helped break the ice with new teammates. Sharing personal and professional stories, allowed each team mate to empathise with each other to empathise with one another, building stronger bonds. Employee wellbeing is a top priority and the retreat concluded with a rejuvenating yoga session led by Lakshmi Sivan. And not to forget, a super awesome zero waste lunch too :). 

Team retreats such as these allow new team members to integrate seamlessly and foster connections with their colleagues. We further enhance this welcoming experience, by gifting each of them a special zero waste welcome kit, featuring our earth friendly products. This not only makes them feel valued, but also allows them to experience the brand firsthand. 

In creating a happy and transparent work culture, we are able to cultivate employee engagement, which fuels individual growth trajectory. This, in turn, ultimately leads to innovative product development, all while leaving a positive impact on the world.