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OUR Packages

Bare Essentials
  • Awareness: Talks & Webinars
  • Awareness:  Employee Handbook
  • Office Sustainability Procurements:  Greening your office through sustainable alternatives
  • Employee training:  Zero Waste course
Bare Power



  • Employee training: Workshops
  • Sustainability Plan: Waste audits
Bare Enterprise



  •  Sustainability Plan: Certification
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Sustainability Reports
  • Sustainability Event Management
  • Identifying Partners: Community Mapping & Up-cycling waste
  • Sustainable Consulting: Advisory


Our reviews are made knowing that no two situations can be the same. After a thorough waste audit we work together with you to create a sustainability plan, increase awareness of environmental issues, train your employees, identify local partners who will help you recycle, implement the systems, and, monitor and evaluate the implemented program to ensure it makes the desired improvements.



We can help identify unnecessary sources of waste and optimise your operations, which could reduce your costs.

Becoming more sustainable can strengthen your company's reputation among your customers, establishing a unique marketing position. This approach can be very well integrated into a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Financials, marketing and business aside, it's the right thing to do! Becoming more sustainable means you care for our planet!



You could be a pioneer in your sector and align your goals to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a universal call to action to help protect the planet.

And we help you find methods and solutions to align with these very goals

Waste Audit: The process involves us looking at your current processes through a sustainability lens to assess what can be improved.

Sustainability Plan: We help create a guideline to be implemented in order to improve your environmental sustainability.

Awareness: We run training workshops and talks to your staff in order to educate them on the new processes that will be implemented with the sustainability plan.

Employee Training: Along with periodic workshops, we run training sessions with your staff to ensure that they are fully aware of our goals and the reasoning behind it

Identifying Partners: To assist your waste management efforts we will connect you with a network of partners in your local area to help manage your waste

Implementation: We will implement the new system and empower your staff to ensure that the new sustainability processes operate to the required levels.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Our goal is to ensure that the new systems work long term which is why we will continue to assess the operations with you over an extended period.

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