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Building Blocks of Sustainability [Self-Paced Online Course]


Learn about all things sustainability and people + planet + profit

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  • With climate change and global garbage crisis being at its peak, it is important for us all to become aware and understand the concepts underlying the problems and the solutions that are out there. This course takes students through a journey of understanding all about sustainability and the importance of the interconnectedness between people, planet and profit in order to build a sustainable future moving forward

    Students will be able to learn from a variety of experts in a variety of fields, from renewable energy, to gender and income equality to waste management. Experts share their experiences, their vision on the future and what the landscape is moving forward - and this will help us all innovate and grow ourselves accordingly!

    Students will have the ability to actually do practical activities that pertain to real-life situations that we may experience in our occupations, our jobs, our consumption habits while becoming aware!

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for those who are striving to understand the true meaning of sustainability and understand the overarching concept of sustainability. It is for those who are looking to make changes within their organisations, become entrepreneurs, learn more about sustainability concepts like waste management, renewable energy, and sustainability communications and more

    How to access?
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  • This course looks at zero-waste changes you can make at a personal level to changes that you can be a part of to make zero-waste the norm in the societies and communities we live in. This will help you to make your own informed choices about your own life, and potentially make tangible differences on a broader global scale as well!
    • 6 modules
    • 35+ interactional, fun and informative videos
    • Expert insights from various industries
    • 100+ Sustainability Resources
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn all aspects of sustainability and increase your knowledge and awareness:
    • Understanding the balance: What is sustainability? 
    • Get Charged Up with Renewable Energy
    • Stay alert: What is Greenwashing?
    • Breaking Barriers: Gender and Income Inequality
    • Waste to Resource: The Intricacies of Waste Management
    • Walk the Talk: Sustainability Communications
    The course provides you a holistic view of all of sustainability, from actions we can take, to resources to learn from, to listening to other experts from various industries and their journeys so we can apply it to ours!

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