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Building Blocks of Sustainability [Self-Paced Online Course]

Learn about all things sustainability and people + planet + profit

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  • With climate change and global garbage crisis being at its peak, it is important for us all to become aware and understand the concepts underlying the problems and the solutions that are out there. This course takes students through a journey of understanding all about sustainability and the importance of the interconnectedness between people, planet and profit in order to build a sustainable future moving forward

    Students will be able to learn from a variety of experts in a variety of fields, from renewable energy, to gender and income equality to waste management. Experts share their experiences, their vision on the future and what the landscape is moving forward - and this will help us all innovate and grow ourselves accordingly!

    Students will have the ability to actually do practical activities that pertain to real-life situations that we may experience in our occupations, our jobs, our consumption habits while becoming aware!

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for those who are striving to understand the true meaning of sustainability and understand the overarching concept of sustainability. It is for those who are looking to make changes within their organisations, become entrepreneurs, learn more about sustainability concepts like waste management, renewable energy, and sustainability communications and more

    How to access?
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  • This course looks at zero-waste changes you can make at a personal level to changes that you can be a part of to make zero-waste the norm in the societies and communities we live in. This will help you to make your own informed choices about your own life, and potentially make tangible differences on a broader global scale as well!
    • 6 modules
    • 35+ interactional, fun and informative videos
    • Expert insights from various industries
    • 100+ Sustainability Resources
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn all aspects of sustainability and increase your knowledge and awareness:
    • Understanding the balance: What is sustainability? 
    • Get Charged Up with Renewable Energy
    • Stay alert: What is Greenwashing?
    • Breaking Barriers: Gender and Income Inequality
    • Waste to Resource: The Intricacies of Waste Management
    • Walk the Talk: Sustainability Communications
    The course provides you a holistic view of all of sustainability, from actions we can take, to resources to learn from, to listening to other experts from various industries and their journeys so we can apply it to ours!

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Meet The Experts

Jerry Randall
Jerry Randall
Founder Wind Pioneers

Jerry has been working across wind markets in Asia for ten years. After a stint at a large wind turbine manufacturer in China he joined a consultancy in Bangalore and then Bangkok undertook bankable energy assessments across South and Southeast Asia. In 2016 he founded Wind Pioneers to serve emerging markets with access to flexible and powerful wind development engineering, from site prospecting through to bankable energy assessments.

Wind Pioneers are now a team of 17 specialists and operating from their base in Bangalore have found 40GW of new sites and analysed more than 20GW of projects across more than 20 countries

Svati Bhogle
Svati Bhogle
Founder, Promoter, Managing Director SustainTech | TIDE

Svati is associated with several organizations in India in the area of clean energy. Her area of work is largely in fuel efficient cookstove design and dissemination through local networks (in TIDE, a non profit organization) and from Sustaintech (a pvt. ltd company implementing a business model for institutional and commercial stoves designed by her). She is the Chair of Clean Energy Access Network, (a network of practitioners in the decentralized renewable energy. She has implemented several successful projects in clean energy, especially for rural industries. She has studied Chemical Engineering and is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. She has played a crucial role in shaping the space around sustainable technology innovation and dissemination, grassroots entrepreneurship models and associated policy initiatives through TIDE and Sustaintech.

Nalini Shekar
Nalini Shekar
Co-Founder Hasirudala Innovations

Nalini Shekar, co-founder of HasiruDala, a waste picker organisation in Bangalore and co-founder of Kagad, Kach Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), union of waste pickers in Pune in 1997.

Her passion is to work with the unorganized sector of labour that constitutes 90% of Indian labour. Her main focus now is on inclusion of waste pickers in the SWM process of Urban Local Body.

In Bangalore city HasiruDala is working on integrating waste pickers in providing services to bulk generators and managing Dry Waste Collection Centres. She has trained several hundred officers serving different ULB and Karnataka Govt on SWM and workers in informal waste economy.

Asha Scariya
Asha Scariya
Chief Creative Officer, People Kraft

Asha Scariya, Chief Creative Officer at People Kraft - a humble impact-driven, sustainability focused enterprise.

"By impacting design, you can design impact" is one of her core beliefs.

Asha is knowledgeable in various social issues that businesses need to address, from gender equality and equal opportunities, to transparent and ethical supply chains, and lastly embedding environmental sustainability. 

Amita Deshpande
Amita Deshpande
Founder Recharkha - The EcoSocial Tribe

Amita Deshpande has worked extensively in Sustainable Development and CSR since the past 12 years. 

She designs out EcoSocial projects, managing them at the grassroots and ensuring their transparent operations.

With her boundless energy, she is also an asset to our ‘EcoSocial Awareness’ team and strives to motivate the participants to a more sustainable lifestyle for a better future for everyone!

Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander
Sr. Advisor SELCO Foundation

Sarah is a Sr. Advisor with SELCO, an organization that seeks to alleviate poverty and create assets for the poor via last mile energy access solutions. Sarah leads the organization’s inclusive investment advocacy program and global replication of an ecosystems approach to energy access. With close to 10 years of experience in the energy access sector, Sarah has worked on multiple programs at the confluence of energy access, sustainable development and poverty. She has previously presented at various national and international programs to propagate the concept of an energy access ecosystem.

Shekar Prabhakar
Shekar Prabhakar
Co-Founder, Hasirudala Innovations

Shekar Prabhakar is a Professor and business executive with over 28 years experience in developing business for IT products, solutions and consulting services. His expertise spans product and solution marketing, P&L operations, business development and sales in start-up, growth and Fortune 500 companies. He has been teaching marketing in a business school for the past five years. Prabhakar is a graduate of IIT, Madras and IIM, Calcutta.

As Trustee of Hasiru Dala, he witnessed how one can impact the lives of those less privileged through a triple bottom line approach. This prompted him to become a social entrepreneur. He started working in August 2015 on providing waste management services through waste pickers, thus creating livelihoods and impacting the environment by appropriate waste disposal

Poonam Bir Kasturi
Poonam Bir Kasturi
Founder, Daily Dump

Poonam Bir Kasturi is the founder of Daily Dump. The organization focuses on creating easy and engaging solutions for conscious city living. It does this by making people aware of handling organic waste through composting in fresh and simple ways.

She was trained as an industrial designer and is passionate about using design for changing systems. Her experience with teaching and working in both industrial and craft sectors inform her work at the helm of Daily Dump. Poonam is also a Founder Faculty of the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.

Learn from Poonam on circular design thinking, the power of soil, helming business in sustainability or the other way round, and of course, composting!

Nita Ganguly
Nita Ganguly
Climate Reality Leader | Mentor Author

Nita Ganguly has been an educator for over twenty-four years. She has taught Biology for ten years and was also Head of the Department of Environmental Science at Sanskriti School, Delhi.

Ms Ganguly holds triple masters’ degrees in Education, Zoology and Ecology & Environmental Sciences. She is an Environmentalist, who has been trained by Noble Prize winner Al Gore and is a “Climate Leader” and Mentor for The Climate Reality Project.

Ms Ganguly has also won several national and state awards. She is a national winner of the Best Teachers’ for Excellence in Education in 2004 and the Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010 in ‘Innovative Teaching Practices’. She has also played a vital role in several educational and environmental projects undertaken by the Department of Environment, Government of Delhi.

Suneptula Jamir
Suneptula Jamir
Sustainability & HR Associate Bare Necessities Zero Waste

Suneptula is all breaking down content on sustainability into fun and relatable information.

When she learned about the impact of food waste on the environment through Bare's Zero Waste in 30 online course, she started composting her food waste and hasn't looked back since then. Composting also led her to develop an interest in growing plants and the rest is history!

During her Master's Degree in Development Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi, she was involved in ground research on water management, waste picker livelihoods and also conducted her thesis on the living standards of garment workers in sustainable fashion labels.  

Reshma Bhat
Reshma Bhat
Marketing Associate Bare Necessities Zero Waste

With a background in environmental studies, Reshma has always been passionate about the environment and the waste problem in India.

Her time at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on a waste management project, opened her eyes to the struggles and challenges waste workers faced on a daily basis at their jobs. 

Upon joining the Bare team, the passion to first lead a mindful lifestyle and help others do the same increased. She now works as a Marketing associate at Bare to encourage its audience to follow a sustainable lifestyle through diverse forms of content.

Kruthika Koushik
Kruthika Koushik
Business Development Associate Bare Necessities Zero Waste

Kruthika Koushik has a background in Social Impact work and Education of 4 years. She as been a Shelter Operations fellow and volunteer with Make A Difference.

Kruthika, has worked in creating Renewable Energy Solutions during my Bachelors in Engineering and worked lastest as a Sustainability Intern at SAGE Sustainability.

She is currently a Business Development and Strategy Associate at Bare and have worked on kids educational products such as Ecotopia and Kids Activity book too

Sahar Mansoor
Sahar Mansoor
Founder & CEO Bare Necessities Zero Waste

Sahar graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Environmental Economics and Law and later worked abroad for the World Health Organization.

Whilst working with SELCO Foundation installing and managing the installation of solar panels throughout various villages, she had the opportunity to spend time working with waste picking communities in her home state of Karnataka, India.

This led Sahar to create Bare Necessities in 2016 due to a desire to address the amount of waste that she was producing in her life. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this project that is helping her business become a zero waste knowledge hub for Indians across the country.

Swati Sambyal
Swati Sambyal
Waste Management Specialist UN-Habitat

Swati has over 10 years of experience working on policy and practices for effective and affordable waste management in India, South Asia and Global South. Helping to build regulatory and technical capacities of cities in waste management; and highlighting the importance of decentralized waste management with focus on circular economy and resource efficiency through in-depth research and advocacy.

Previously, Swati headed the Waste Management Programme at New Delhi based environment policy and advocacy organisation, Centre for Science and Environment.

Swati currently works with UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and Pacific on sustainable waste management related assignments in India and Global South.

Mehul Manjeshwar
Mehul Manjeshwar
CMO & Sustainability Communications Bare Necessities Zero Waste

Being a firm believer in the impact of communication, raising awareness, and education being the foundation of change, he has always been passionate about sustainability. Mehul completed his MBA in the field to learn about the life cycle of products and how every process has an impact on the environment.

Mehul is a Climate Reality Leader having had the opportunity to be trained during the Climate Reality Leadership Corps with former Vice President Al Gore among other knowledgeable experts in the sustainability field. With the conviction that the world is capable of finding a balance between technology and non-conformism, Mehul believes that sustainability is not about giving up either side completely but about finding the best of both worlds.

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We can reverse the change

It is real and getting worse by the day. But also that we as individuals can reverse the change. The more we understand it, the better we implement it. I am thrilled to share that I completed one of the finest course out there by Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions. I encourage every individual and organization to go through it. It is well structured and has awesome reading material. It will not only clear concepts but also help in building sustainable communication.

Learnt about the global climate crisis!

I learnt about the various ways the global climate crisis is related with our individual actions, our communities, our we can change our approaches towards the daily choices of consumption(produce, use, dispose cycle), how we can determine the impacts created by the brands we choose, their sustainability reports, greenwashing , ethics; how the climate crisis is impacting the vulnerable communities, how we can work on inclusive solutions towards these problems, we learnt how its related to gender inequalities, wage gap, poverty , hunger and other social factors, the three Ps of sustainable development, how we can adopt practises like composting, waste segregation on our daily lives to help with the problem of waste management, and finally how we can play our individual roles in spreading awareness, reducing our environmental footprints, be cautious about our lifestyles, make responsible choices and keep updating ourselves on being informed . Thanks for creating such a well designed course, it was highly informative and helped me gain insights, also there were links to further information and reading that helped me explore further, also the interviews gave me a peek into many of the actual solutions provided to these problems, and their sustainable business models

A new leaf in sustainability education

Never ending and would haunt us for generations. Course is a new leaf in sustainability education

We need to act now!

That we are living in it and if we dont act now then probably we will keep a world which is unsuitable for our children. This has been a good session.