Is Bare Necessities powder-to-liquid hand wash effective?

Is Bare Necessities powder-to-liquid hand wash effective?

The world of products is constantly evolving, with innovative products making headlines. In the home care space, there are soaps that froth and the infamous powder-to-liquid ranges taking centre stage. With a new format of cleaning comes new questions. 

Powder-to-liquid formats eliminate the need for pre-mixed liquids, reducing plastic waste and transportation costs. The concentrated formats pack an effective cleaning punch and save up on so much storage space. 

Beyond all of the packaging and space efficiency, a very critical component that needs to be addressed is the ingredients used. In Bangalore, for instance, we have observed lakes spewing fire on account of excess frothing. Caused typically due to chemical surfactants and pollutants, which find their way into the lakes. Besides the ingredients in these products, the packaging encased in single use plastic sachets, adds to the soil and landfill pollution, exacerbating an already dire situation. Waste is also a  social justice issue with thousands of waste pickers segregating broken glass, sanitary napkins and needles all with their bare hands. 

While lakes are biodiversity havens, they are an integral part of a community’s cultural fabric. There is something so pleasing and calming about seeing a large expanse of water amidst all the hustle and bustle of a city life. 

Having witnessed these terrifying sights, we chose to create simple, fuss free home care soaps that do the job well without any negative effects. Considering the complexity that zero waste is often clouded with, we opted for a powder-to-liquid format, keeping earth friendly ingredients and packaging at the crux of our design

We innovated using earth friendly ingredients, sourcing from suppliers who are USDA Certified for powerful cleaning without harming the environment. We now have Stir It Up, hand wash soapDissolve, dish wash soap and Genie in a Bottle, multi surface cleaner, which go to show that earth friendly ingredients clean just as good or even better than conventional toxin formulated ingredients! 

We take sustainability seriously and that extends to our packaging while ensuring that what we sell, advertise or innovate is something that is proven. For instance, the use of Poly Vinyl Alcohol in laundry and home cleaning pods, is a synthetic polymer which is often marketed as a lining that can be dissolved. However, studies show that 75% of PVA remains in our waterways and soil systems after being dissolved and requires extremely specific conditions to biodegrade. Products packaged in PVA are on the rise, unfortunately or fortunately, we’re unsure. 

With conflicting studies and use cases that dabble on either side of the argument, Bare Necessities made the decision to steer away from this debate. Owing to this questionable biodegradability, we have gone completely PVA free, innovating a circular modular packaging, using compostable refill sachets and a forever glass dispenser. Composting is a proven method that minimises waste and forever dispensers ensure zero waste living. That’s why we chose to innovate with compostable sachets printed with vegetable ink for our packaging. 

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our loyal customers had to say about our products 

Reviews for Stir It Up, hand wash soap

Enjoying using the handwash powder-to-liquid, thank you Bare Necessities”, says Simren Arora

Beautiful concept for a handwash and completely zero waste!”, raved Manisha Mahendra 

Reviews for Dissolve, dish wash soap

I have tried all the soaps from Bare necessities..and each of them is very good....the fragrance...the look and feel just perfect.. It keeps my skin moisturized and soft ..without any dryness which I use to experience with other commercial products... I am happy with product”, raved R Choudhari 

Loved making these, using it and it's definitely too good”, says Anjana Gurjar 

Reviews for Genie in a bottle, multi surface cleaner

Why do you allow such harmful chemicals into our home when products like Bare exist! Such a no brainer to make the switch right now”, says Mayura Rao 

Zero waste and compostable packaging and hasslefree product preparation and usage”, raved Merel DSilva 

As consumers, a little research goes a long way. By understanding the ingredients and sourcing practices, you can feel confident about choosing a product that cleans effectively, while aligning with your values!  Transparency is key and we disclose all the ingredients on our website and packaging for our customers to be aware of what they are purchasing and using. 

We invite you to explore our range of effective, eco-friendly powder-to-liquid cleaning solutions. With a commitment to transparency and performance, we're here to help you make a clean switch to a more sustainable future.