Beyond the Label | Importance of in house formulas

Beyond the Label | Importance of in house formulas

During one of our recent team meetings, one of our team mates mentioned that all the products are Bare Necessities are formulated in house. This is perhaps one of the least spoken about characteristics about our products. While it might seem like a minor detail, it really is not. We take a lot of pride in our formulations. Making formulations in house allows us complete control over the entire process, ensuring top notch quality and integrity of every Bare product you ever were to use. 

Unlike many off the shelf, mass produced personal care and home care products, our in house approach makes our products ours. In house formulations allow us to have control and make conscious choices throughout the product creation process. We seek earth friendly alternatives that are gentle on your skin and the planet. It is a commitment to quality, sustainability and transparency that sets Bare Necessities apart. 

We meticulously analyse and screen each and every supplier. We ensure that our suppliers are ethical and produce high quality ingredients. This allows for us to maintain rigorous testing standards throughout the entire formulation process. Our consumers can be assured in knowing that all our products have a zero waste life cycle with no negative impact on the planet. 

A majority of our suppliers have been associated with us since our inception, thereby fostering a long lasting relationship. In doing so, our suppliers are in alignment with our values and have come to understand and deliver what Bare Necessities truly demands of them. 

One of our most trusted suppliers, Mason & Co, are the first organic, single-origin chocolate business in India. Based on a bean-to-bar method, all their products are handcrafted by an all women team. Offering chemical and preservative free products, their commitment to high quality ingredients is supremely impressive. We partnered with Mason & Co. to create two products - Dessert Dry Shampoo and Mason & Co. Lip Balm. By supporting fellow social enterprises, we are ensuring that our raw materials are sourcing ethically. 

While this might sound glamorous and the right thing to do, it brings with its own set of challenges. Our commitment to sustainable solutions, results in having to challenge the status quo. We invest copious time into research for both the product and the packaging. We go against the grain with our concept and therefore, need to invest plenty of time and effort into researching the right kind of vendors and suppliers who will help us out with the same. 

We take sustainability seriously in every aspect of brand and product creation. Case in point is our powder-to-liquid range of home care soaps. We spent over two years in research and development alone! Beyond the formula, we spent months sourcing ingredients that were kind to the planet yet effective for usage. Stir It Up, hand wash soap, Dissolve, dish wash soap and Genie in a Bottle, multi surface cleaner stand as a testament to the fact that earth friendly ingredients can effectively tackle dirt and grime, all while being gentle on the environment. 

We are just as committed to our packaging as well. Poly Vinyl Alcohol is a synthetic polymer which is often marketed as a lining that can be dissolved. However, studies show that 75% of PVA remains in our waterways and soil systems after being dissolved and requires extremely specific conditions to biodegrade. Products packaged in PVA are on the rise. There are studies on both sides of the fence regarding PVA, and as Bare Necessities, we made the decision to steer away from this debate in the first place. Composting is a proven method, powder-to-liquid is a mindful step, forever dispensers are part of zero waste living; so let’s use proven methods to make these formats the norm. Hence, our no-fuss solution was compostable sachets that had vegetable ink printed on them, so they can completely disintegrate into the soil. 

With our in house formulations, we have ensured that the design for the packaging was created in house too. Thereby, designing a completely sustainable product, that makes for a textbook example for a product rooted in circular economy. 

Our marketing approach reflects this same commitment to awareness. We prioritise educating consumers about the benefits of our sustainable practices, rather than just pushing for a sale. If you haven’t already checked out our super fun Instagram content, here’s your chance to do that :)

By innovating and executing earth friendly products and going the extra mile to ensure plastic free packaging, we hold ourselves accountable for responsible business practices. This commitment is reflected as a Certified B Lab Corporation. From ethical sourcing to responsible community engagement to supporting a team from underserved backgrounds, we aspire to be a force for good. 

In conclusion, by emphasising heavily on in house formulations, brands including ours, have complete control over the entire process. This translates to the effort taken to meticulously choose every single ingredient, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness in each bottle and sachet. Moreover, in doing so, we can consciously choose to prioritise earth-friendly alternatives that are gentle on your skin and the kind on the planet. In house formulations are a powerful way for us to stay in alignment with our commitment to quality, sustainability and transparency, which we believe sets us apart.