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A Bare Spotlight On Zero Waste Products: Food Wrap

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A Bare Spotlight On Zero Waste Products: Food Wrap

There are numerous zero waste products available these days that help people transition away from using products that are packaged in plastic and/ or contain harmful chemical ingredients. 


Speaking to Founder & CEO of Bare Necessities Zero Waste India, Sahar Mansoor, this interview series looks at the reasons why the Bangalore based social business chooses to provide alternative, earth friendly options to consumers in India.


"Cling film is difficult to recycle, the majority of it ends up in landfill where it takes hundreds of years to degrade and risks leaching chemicals into groundwater." (source). 


What materials are used for your food wraps? 


The beeswax wraps are really cool. They are made from organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and natural tree resin.


Why do you use this type of material? 


The material is a perfect replacement multi use item that replaces cling film or aluminum foil that are commonly used to wrap food products. It is all natural and decomposes after it is used. 


All you need to do for cleaning is add a small amount of water and a natural cleaning agent on it, scrub it, rinse it off and allow it to dry. It will last for anywhere between six and twelve months, depending on how often you use it and how you care for it. When you are done using it, cut it into small pieces and place it into your compost.

Why design it in this way?


This type of design moves us away from plastic cling wrap and aluminum material that puts pressure on the environment. 


Beeswax wraps are a simple alternative that can perform the functions of the other wraps without placing adverse pressure on the environment.


Where did the team gain inspiration for this product from? 


We became aware of how many students at schools were using plastic wraps for their sandwiches everyday. We wanted to use a product that is more sustainable.


We found out about beeswax wraps and wanted to share it with everyone we knew. Providing access to alternative resources like this helps people throughout India reduce waste.