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A Bare Spotlight On Zero Waste Products: Straws

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A Bare Spotlight On Zero Waste Products: Straws

There are numerous zero waste products available these days that help people transition away from using products that are packaged in plastic and/ or contain harmful chemical ingredients. 


Speaking to Founder & CEO of Bare Necessities Zero Waste India, Sahar Mansoor, this interview series looks at the reasons why the Bangalore based social business chooses to provide alternative, earth friendly options to consumers in India.


"It is estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches" (source). 


What materials are used for your straws? 


We have a variety, including bamboo, coconut leaf and certified food grade standard, completely rust proof steel straws.


Why do you use this type of material? 


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, it takes only three weeks to grow full sized and it is completely compostable, just like our coconut leaf straws! 


The steel is designed to last a lifetime while not impacting the environment, like plastic straws do. Also, using steel is very South Indian! We often look back to our roots at Bare when designing earth friendly products.

Why design it in this way?


This product replaces plastic alternatives that harm the environment, while addressing the fact that people want to drink from straws. 


There was also a global push and awareness for this, so we developed it. In part we saw the people asking it falling into categories of consumers who often get less of a voice than others, but may need straws. People with disabilities, the elederly and children are a prime example. 

There are individuals who need straws. If you don’t, choose not to use one. We’re designing and offering straws, that do not harm the environment, to consumers who want or need a straw. There are many people out there that fall into this category, which is why we have a focus on sustainable options.



Where did the team gain inspiration for this product from? 


We looked at the demand for straws and sought out alternatives that do not harm the environment. 


We always try and explore in demand sustainable options to replace single use items. Our consumers really help direct us in all of our sourcing and manufacturing processes. 


We love how involved and active our customers are. We learn about what they want from them and can design products to provide them with options that they may not have previously had.