#Masked - A series of interviews with inspirational women - Pragya Kapoor

#Masked - A series of interviews with inspirational women - Pragya Kapoor

Among all the diverse careers we had explored into while going ahead with our #Masked series, this was the one with which we could resonate the best. Today’s blog is about an environmentalist, producer and actor. It was really cool when we communicated over Instagram DM and found that she as a person and we as a brand do have a lot in common. She cares for the environment and goes out of her way to help protect it and we formulate Zero-Waste solutions. Nothing could be more mutual than this. Last year, she along with her family had organised a beach clean-up drive at Mahim Beach for her younger son’s birthday party. Now who would even think of that. It was an eco-friendly birthday bash with the who’s who of the town attending to lend their support for the cause. 

Pragya at the beach cleanup at Mahim Beach, Mumbai

Meet Pragya Kapoor - Environmentalist, Actor, Producer, mother of two and an amazing human being. And, it was really a day when she appreciated our #LastStrawCampaign. Post that it was a series of messages and we mutually agreed on doing a collaboration together. Our Marketing Head, Mehul Manjeshwar was the one who initiated the conversation and took it forward. And then it was a couple of ritual mails followed for every collaboration. As she was Mumbai based, she couldn’t come down for the photoshoot, but offered to do three separate videos. That was so sweet of her. We had sent her our Leafy Straws, Orange Cinnamon spa Bar, BareXMasonandCo Dessert Dry shampoo, Bamboo toothbrush, Peppermint Party Toothpaste and Let’s talk Trash: Activity Book by Shubhashree.

Pragya with family (husband Abhishek Kapoor, sons Isana and Shamsher)

Here are few excerpts from the video interview she had given.

Talks about Bare and our products in general:

“Not only do they make these amazing products which are natural and does not harm the environment but they also have really cool initiatives - one being their straw initiative called the #LastStraw where they distribute these Leafy Straws to coconut vendors which is a great way to reduce single-use plastic straws. These are made of leaves and are of course 100% natural. So, that is quite amazing. Also, what they do is that whenever you are done with your products, those jars that you get, you can always send it back to them. And, they will reuse and recycle them. That way you are minimizing a lot of waste that could have been created if you would have used a normal soap.”

Talks about consumer habits and a zero waste lifestyle:

“Another change that I am very happy about is that I moved down from liquid soaps that you get in those plastic bottles to this Bare Necessities Spa Bar (Orange Cinnamon Spa Bar). I am really happy about this because I have been suffering from major dry skin issues my whole life and specially during my pregnancy. I have honestly stopped using body creams since I made this switch.”

Talks about minimum to Zero-Waste lifestyle:

“So when I started, I started with my bathroom and I soon realized that I am a very end consumer which I thought I was not. I had multiple face washes, shampoo bottles, body creams leave-in conditioners. Like tons of it. And that’s when I first realized that I am actually a very end consumer. So, the first change I made was my toothbrush and toothpaste. I moved to Bare Necessities Peppermint Party Toothpaste as well as their Bamboo Toothbrush. And, I honestly don’t think I can go back to a normal toothpaste anymore because it’s so mild and gentle and feels so fresh in your mouth. It's the same with the toothbrush. I don’t think I could ever go back to a normal plastic toothbrush. Because it’s so light and easy and I feel great starting my morning with something I know is good for the environment and everyone around me.