Eco-friendly Gifting Guide for Bridesmaids

Eco-friendly Gifting Guide for Bridesmaids

Come June or July, I remember friendship day and the stacks of friendship bracelets each one had. Having friendship bands that went from the wrist all the way to the tip of the elbow, was a matter of great pride. It meant one’s social capital was not to be taken lightly and it was a statement to be made. And now, many years later, it’s the same friends, who are off getting married! It’s quite surreal to say the least. 

Every wedding has important groups of people. The groom’s side, the bride’s side, the families, the friends and the bridesmaids. And it’s the last group of friends that this blog is dedicated to. 

Bridesmaids are essentially friends and cousins, who’ve been with you every step of the way, standing with you through all the tides and the troughs. They are your closest allies, confidantes, mentors, support systems to have for life. And on your big day, show your appreciation and gratitude with bridesmaid gifts! 

This year, ditch the boring old gifts like robes and slippers, that are probably the biggest dust magnets and opt for something creative that would match their personalities! 

And as always, here are some delightful ideas for you to consider as you plan your gifts

1. The Pamper Your Pal Kit aka the Glow Naturally Skincare Gift Bundle: 

Spoil your girlfriends with the most luxurious skincare experience she can have at home from an exfoliating scrub to a soothing face pack and a calming moisturiser 

2. The Jetsetter Kit aka the Ultimate Zero Waste Starter Kit

For those who have been bitten by the travel bug, there’s nothing better than this kit that covers all their basics from their toothbrush to a luxurious spa bar to a personalised cutlery kit and travel size moisturiser! Get this, the kit also comes with a powder-to-liquid hand wash and dishwash soap, so compact, it can be carried along wherever they go and made in minutes!   

3. The Homebody aka Your Self Care Necessities Gift Bundle: 

Create a cozy self care bundle for your homebound buddies that’s the perfect combination of personal care, hair care and home care! 

And if you are looking at something beyond these, then we can certainly help customise a bundle for you! 

  1. You can either choose from our pre-curated gift bundles, which are great options for gifting or you can hit us up on and we can put together something customised for you based on your requirements 
  2. A custom postcard or sleeve with your wedding icons 
  3. Share your shipping address and let us take care of the rest for you! 

Celebrate your bridesmaids with these super special and sustainable gifts as you embark on this new chapter of your life!