Sustainability-themed online courses for employees

Sustainability-themed online courses for employees

Sustainability is no longer a niche concern. Evolving to become increasingly mainstream, sustainability is now a ubiquitous team, gaining significant relevance day after day. In terms of businesses, it has now become a core business priority, with several organisations prioritising sustainability education for their employees. We can see this pan out through tailored workshops and by leveraging their online learning platforms, i.e LMS to empower this shift. 

Case in point is that of Kimberly-Clark, who place sustainability at the heart of their mission. So much so, that they changed their mission statement to: “Better products for a better world” allowing for them to create a far reaching positive impact on the planet. Recognising the importance of reducing their environmental footprint across all aspects of their business, from materials to sourcing to production and waste management. In this regard, we had the opportunity to speak with Mario Williams, Materials, Sustainability and Circularity Leader for Kimberly-Clark, during which he emphasised their focus on preserving resources, making sustainability and circularity commonplace at his organisation. 

With a vast and geographically dispersed workforce, traditional face-to-face training becomes quite challenging. Here’s where the ease of Learning Management Systems (LMS) comes in. An LMS allows an organisation like Kimberly-Clark to deliver a wide range of upskilling and knowledge building programs, from executives to production staff. 

Placing sustainability as a key cornerstone, Kimberly-Clarke observed that there was an educational gap in their LMS waiting to be filled. Keeping this in mind, they decided to partner with Bare Necessities to integrate our online course, “Introduction to Circular Economy” into their LMS, which is one of the top-rated courses on Circular Economy across Udemy

According to Mario, “We thought it (Introduction to Circular Economy Online Course) was very direct, to the point and it felt it was very empowering from the lowest level to the highest level. It was just very simple, not a lot of ambiguity.”  

We are delighted to hear that our course resonated with the employees of Kimberly-Clark, many of whom are already passionate about sustainability. The LMS platform made learning convenient and accessible, fostering a sense of shared responsibility towards environmental goals. 

As an impact driven social enterprise, we are elated to be partnering with a market leader like Kimberly-Clark, which exemplifies the power of sustainability education for MNCs. As Mario rightly shared, “embracing sustainability is not just good for the planet, it’s good for business.” 

Beyond Kimberly-Clark, our courses have been rolled out for organisations like Cognizant, LTMindTree. If you are interested in our online courses to be integrated on your LMS platforms, hit us up on and we have got you covered.