Introduction to Circular Economy [Self-Paced Online Course]

It is about time we design waste out of the system

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  • We’ve heard of zero waste, sustainability, e-mobility and more such terms individually - but what is it really contributing to? Here is a course that discusses what the future should look like as we move towards a sustainable and just future. Following a Circular Economy rather than the Linear Economy!

    Using well-researched and inspiring examples from the past, present and future that are embedding circularity, close to embedding it or are literally already amazing at it - from the Ubers and AirBnb’s to the Yulu’s and electric transportation, to even insects as a source of sustainable food - this course is going to take you on idea-driven, innovative and motivating journey!

    Who is this course for?

    This course is suitable for those striving to increase their depth of knowledge in sustainability, design thinking and building a sustainable future. This course is for: 

    • Students
    • Mid-career professionals
    • Sustainability-enthusiasts
    • Those looking to get started with their sustainability journey or career path
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Intrapreneurs looking to drive change within an organization
    • Product and packaging designers in a variety of fields (from tech, to FMCG, to service-oriented)
    • Anyone and everyone who is curious

  • This course's primary goal is to share well-researched examples, ideas and truly inspiring expert insights that provide a deeper insight into how circular economy is the big picture which embodies a variety of sustainable habits we strive to achieve, from zero waste living, to natural living, to healthy eating to carbon-free living!
    • 10 modules
    • 15+ Experts
    • 70+ interactional, fun and informative videos
    • Expert insights from various industries
    • Certificate of Completion
    • What is Circular Economy? - Defining what Circular Economy means
    • What is a Shared economy? - The importance of a shared economy
    • Understanding the true cost of all our actions
    • Regenerative Agriculture and sustainable farming
    • Circular models in products we use
    • Circular Fashion - in clothes we wear
    • Circular packaging - in the FMCG industry
    • Circular technology - across all the gadgets we use
    • Circular cities -Visualising what our Cities can look like
    • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship - How can you be a part of this movement?
    • What do people just like you have to say? - what do you have to say?