Closing the loop with Ecovia

Closing the loop with Ecovia

For all those aspiring to go zero-waste or are already on the journey with us, we have some exciting news for you!

As a brand we have always tried to push the envelope to promote waste-free living in India. As you know, our products are all hand-made with the best of ingredients, and we're continuing to innovate some awesome natural products (have you checked out our shampoo bars, yet?!). Another form of innovation we are looking into is packaging - and sustainability is about teamwork. 

We have partnered with Ecovia - a returnable packaging company that strives to keep packaging in the loop! (Don't worry - you will still be able to let us know if you would like your products packed placed in a Bare box (check out how we pack here!) - Sounds cool, right?

How it works [Bare Necessities x Ecovia]

Let us walk you through how it all works. So typically when you receive an online order, you would rip the packaging apart with all your might and strength and toss it in the bin. Sounds familiar?

Well, Ecovia is essentially changing the narrative here, by empowering you to return their reusable packaging back to us at Bare, while also rewarding you with exciting vouchers for acting responsibly.

Simply scan the QR on the package and schedule a pick up date and time as per your convenience. Their eco-ninjas will show up at your doorstep, collect the package and you’ll have your reward unlocked! 

Each of their packages is designed to be reused 150 times and hence cater to that many orders, which means each Ecovia package eliminates the need to produce 150 single-use packaging materials. Their packages are also made from recycling plastic bottles, where each package eliminates 4 PET bottles from the environment. 

Wait, there’s more! So the more Ecovia packages you return, the more rewards you get from Bare Necessities and the feeling of creating real impact is always great right?

We can’t wait for you to experience how guilt-free online shopping can be. Stay tuned to know more about the “Bare x Ecovia” partnership.

Join the #ReuseRevolution with Ecovia and let’s close the loop!


1. How do I get my hands on Ecovia packages? Do they come with all orders?

  • While shopping with us, choose “Standard shipping with Ecovia” at the checkout, to get your order delivered in the Ecovia package.
2. How do I return the Ecovia package post delivery?
  • Simply scan the QR on the back of the package or revert to their whatsapp updates on your order to arrange a pick up. You can choose a time and date that’s convenient for you and their eco-ninjas would take care of the rest.
3. What’s my reward for returning the package?
  • You get a 15% discount on your next purchase from Bare Necessities. How cool is that!
4. Is there a deadline by which I need to return the package?
  • Yes, please make sure you return the package within one week of receiving the order.
5. How do I get the discount voucher post package return?
  • As soon as you return the package, Ecovia unlocks your discount voucher and sends it to you over Whatsapp. Easy peasy.
6. Is there a charge if I don’t return the package?
  • Strictly speaking, yes. It’s an environmental crime to not return the package. And then you lose the 15% discount and you make the trees cry. We’re kidding.

When creating a positive environment is as easy as returning the package from the comfort of your home, why not do it, eh?

7. Why is there a plastic zip tie on the package?
  • Since the entire package along with the cushion lining is designed to be reusable, we had to make use of some element that could protect your package from tampering by making it tamper evident. Hence the use of zip tie.

Yes, the current alternative of the zip tie is made of plastic but it’s recyclable! When you return the package and cushion lining back (in case it comes with your order), please send the broken zip tie back as well so that we dispose of it responsibly. 

Be rest assured, we are soon coming up with something more sustainable for this aspect too.