Sustainable Self Care is for everyone!

Sustainable Self Care is for everyone!

Growing up, watching my grandma indulge in her self care routine was the most calming part of my routine. She would measure out a pea sized amount of coconut oil, gently massage it into her scalp and comb her tresses out. Moving on to her face, she would moisturise, apply a tad bit of powder and add kohl to her waterline, which she would painstakingly make at home. The time that she dedicated to herself twice a day to indulge in her self care routine set the tone for her day. Once she was decked, she was ready to conquer anything! 

In direct contradiction to this elaborate routine, was my grandad, who spent not more than 30 seconds getting ready for the day. It was to brush your teeth clean and shave your face clean. I saw the fruits of evolution when I saw my father taking the extra effort to incorporate a moisturiser into his routine. While it was only his arms that got moisturised, it was a big jump from not using any.  

Personal care regimens amongst men have been quite rare and unheard of. A super casual conversation amongst women, self care routines are not something that often occurs to men to discuss. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the basics of a daily skincare regime should be the same, regardless of gender.  

To the men out there, to whom this speaks to, we at Bare Necessities can help put together a basic skin care routine! 

  • Cleanse! Use a gentle spa bar that will clean out all the dirt, oil and grime tucked away in your pores. With our super unique fragrances, we guarantee you’ll feel soothed, ready to be the dark knight, in shining armour

  • Your hair needs care! Since y’all are used to using a bar of soap, why not try a bar of shampoo? Our shampoo bar is perfect to nourish and repair damaged hair, reducing breakage and promote overall hair health
  • Condition it! And while you’re at it, use a conditioner bar too! With our shampoo and conditioner bar, you have a solid hair spa ready at home 
  • Marvellous Mr. Moisturiser! Use one that is ideal for all skin types and helps improve skin texture. Your skin will Soak It Up, making smoother and softer 
  • Bundle Up! Still finding it difficult to pick what you really need? Here’s our Men Care Kit and we’ve got you covered! 
  • Gift away! Spread the joy and gift your loved ones our curated gift bundles

Self care is essential for everyone and don’t feel shy to embrace it. Begin your self care journey with Bare Necessities, where you care for  yourself and the planet