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Easy DIY Ideas To Go Zero Waste (Ebook)

Rs. 300.00

Complete with easily available ingredients and step-by-step methods

  • Who is this book for?
  • What's in this book for you?
    • Want to make a change but not sure where to start
    • I want to learn to repurpose, recycle, reuse but need ideas to get started
    • Care about our health and the chemicals we want to avoid!
    • Care about our environment that sustains us
    • Want to explore the benefits of DIYs whether it’s simplicity or money!
    • Want to learn more about living a zero waste lifestyle
    • Are looking for ways to decrease your carbon and waste footprint
    • Want to explore the benefits of chemical-free, natural ingredients
    • Wants to live a more mindful lifestyle
    • Want to save money!
    • Save time by making it all at home using accessible ingredients
    • 25+ DIY ideas for various aspects of your life
    • DIY Ideas for Home care, Personal Care, Arts + Crafts, and Food + Kitchen
    • Helpful step-by-steps methods to get your creativity juices flowing
    • A variety of ideas in an environmentally friendly, zero waste ebook with a purpose to help you go zero waste in various aspects of your life


We are in control when we DIY, that’s right, WE GOT THE POWER!

MRP Rs. 300/- incl. of all taxes