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Kids Activity Book - All things Sustainability

Rs. 300.00

  • Who is this book for?
  • What's in this book for you?
    • For parents who would love to find ways to teach their children all things sustainability
    • For children who are super passionate about learning about our planet, sustainability in a hands-on-manner
    • For those who want to learn about the environmental concepts, and really understand how to be part of the change
    • I want to learn to repurpose, reuse, recycle!
    • Care about our environment that sustains us
    • Want to learn more about living a zero waste lifestyle
    • Looking forward to decrease your carbon and waste footprint
    • 40+ pages of 
      • Hands-on-activities
      • Games to break down the concepts
      • DIYs
      • Realistic and fun stories that highlight key concepts, mindsets, and how we can change
    • Helpful step-by-step methods to get your creativity juices flowing
    • A variety of ideas in an environmentally friendly, zero waste book made out of upcycled and recycled paper (that would end up in our landfills otherwise!) with a purpose to help you go low-waste in various aspects of your life!
    • Start learning about sustainability today, because our future generations are the real changemakers!

Country of Origin: India

MRP: Starting from Rs.300/- incl. of all taxes