The Clean Home Necessities [Refillable | Zero Waste]

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The #BareRefillRevolution is here - Stop paying for water in your products!

Let's change the way we consume and be aware of plastic and chemicals in our product - here's our latest revolutionary launches
From 100% compostable packaging, to upcycled glass dispensers, to earth-friendly and plant-based ingredients, say yes to sustainable homecare and let's take it back into our control!

  • Lower carbon footprint: we are not transporting heavy containers full of 90% water!
  • Completely compostable packaging: We even use Vegetable Ink (which makes even the writing on the packaging compostable!)
  • Plant-based and earth-friendly ingredients: Good for you, your children, and groundwater!
  • Refreshing fragrances: You will definitely not miss the traditional and conventional that come with loads of ingredients we can't pronounce
  • 3 reusable glass dispensers: A forever glass bottle  - buy 1 with your first order and use it forever
  • 100% effective: A powerful solution that effectively removes surface oil, dirt, bacteria from a variety of surfaces effectively!
  • PVA can be controversial: We chose not to move forward with this because PVA can breakdown into smaller plastics contaminating groundwater.  PVA stands for Polyvinyl Alcohol ; a synthetic plastic polymer that is often used to make thin layers of plastic wrapping and lining, like the wrapping of dishwashers. PVA is a type of plastic, and while it is designed to dissolve, it doesn’t necessarily disappear. The study suggests that over 75% of PVA persists in our waterways and our soil after it dissolves in laundry and dish washing machines, flows through wastewater and ultimately back into our environment.
  • Finally, save money, space, water and compost!