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A Whole of Life - Zero Waste Personal Care

New Year, New You, Same Planet!

Are you excited for 2021? Because we are! With every new year comes a ton of resolutions and goals we set for ourselves. But are we being inclusive of the planet while doing so?

Fact: Did you know that only 8% of the those who make new years resolutions, actually keep them?!

Let us help you reboot and consider what is really important to you and your family while setting realistic goals for yourself this year. Additionally, we will reassess the kind of personal care products we consume along with the impact they can have on the environment. 

Date: January 16th, 2021

Gifting Season - Zero Waste Gifting

Celebrate good times, come on (but sustainably!)

We are all becoming increasingly reliant on eCommerce to fulfill our gifting obligations. Many times, do you find yourself gifting only because of an occasion, and rushing through the gifting process? Gifting has now become sort of a chore, rather than the beautiful form of appreciation it is!

Have you ever thought about the implications of all that you are gifting? It may look beautiful, but there are various aspects that go into a gift and this is where we come in!

Date: November 7th, 2020

A Whole of Life - Zero Waste Kitchen

Did you know that food waste that ends up in landfills produces a large amount of methane – 25 times a more powerful greenhouse gas than  CO2? It even causes landfill fires!

Is there something you can do about it?

Hell, yes! It’s right at your home and in your control.

Date: October 10th, 2020

A Whole of Life - Zero Waste Living

Adopting Zero Waste Practices and an Eco-friendly lifestyle is essential in our fight against climate change and the plastic crisis we face today.

There are many ways to reduce your waste output on both a personal and community level. Team Bare Necessities are here to guide you through the same with DIY ideas, Activities, a Live QnA and insight on holistic zero waste solutions through our one hour workshop.

Date: September 26th, 2020

Yoga at home during these times

Our fifth edition of Bare Thoughts brings you a Yoga practice from the comfort of your home, as we get through this pandemic together!

Date: April 26, 2020

A webinar for LinkedIn employees

A webinar to contribute to LinkedIn's Earth Day initiatives in raising awareness of zero waste living!

Date: April 17, 2020

Bare x Nicobar - Zero waste living

Our fourth edition of Bare Thoughts webinars brings you a collaboration with Nicobar on zero waste living!

Date: April 12, 2020

Mindfulness and slow living

Start your morning with Ritika, our very own certified yoga teacher, for a 20-minute pranayama and breathing session, followed by a reflective discussion about how mindfulness relates to zero waste living. Right from the comfort of your homes.

Date: April 5, 2020

Earth Day Edition!

Join us this Earth Day for an insightful discussion on how you can make sustainability part of your lifestyle. 

Special guests:

Pragya Kapoor: Bollywood producer and Environmentalist, Ek Saath

Tara Jain: Executive Director, Reef Watch

Zero waste kitchen!

So as we continue spending quality time with those around us, cooking delicious foods, maybe we can start learning ways to transition to a low-waste lifestyles in our homes itself during this time.

Date: March 29, 2020

What a time

Our latest initiative, Bare Thoughts, aims to help foster a sense of community and share our unfiltered thoughts with each other

We want to be a resource & a refuge for you, for as long as needed, especially during these times.

Date: March 20, 2020