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Soak it up [Natural + Vegan Hydrating Moisturizer]

Up to now its great

Love the eco-friendly aspect (and the scent!)

We purchased a glass bottle and hand soap mixture to try out and are in love with the aesthetics, the scent, the gentle feel of the soap, and especially the environmental side of a soap mixture rather than disposable bottles. My daughter has already expressed the need for one of these in her own washroom when we place our refill order.


It is my 6th bottle of the body lotion and i am absolutely in love with it. The fragrance is mild and the all natural lotion hydrates my skin throughout the day. Perfect lotion for Summers.

Amazing cream for dry skin

I absolutely love this cream. I’ve extremely dry skin which bleeds if I don’t use a moisturiser often. After using this cream, I’ve noticed my skin hydrated for several hours.

Soak it up [Natural + Vegan Hydrating Moisturizer]

Soap spicied...

Satisfied beyond Measures...Looking forward to purchase more from BN...Thank you...

fragrant experience

i hv fallen in love with its fragrance. the winning point that matters to me is its mindfulness to make it safe for the environment, ground water and all te life it nurtures besides taking care of hygiene - and that is what makes me fall for it. Thank you for crafting it with so much of love and mindfulness.

My forever lip balm!

I just loved this lip balm, so did my mom. Comes in a petite sturdy glass bottle, the quantity is gonna last sooo long. The texture is light and silky (not greasy), the taste is mild chocolaty (yummy). Within a week, my pigmented lips have turned a pleasant shade of pink. I highly recommend this lip balm to everyone.

Great product with a strong scent

Love the texture and how moist the cream is. But i would like it odourless. It kinda smells like jasmine and that’s too strong of a scent. Please bring out an odourless version.

Great products!

Used the spa bars and lip balm so far and they really leave you feeling fresh! Wish the bars lasted longer though. ( Only lasted 1 week with us)

Would love to switch to using natural soaps like this on a regular basis but making that switch becomes difficult because of the price🥺 I understand the amount of effort, quality ingredients and research that must have gone into this so I can't tell yall to charge less😅 But im sure you too know that! If we want people to switch to eco friendly alternatives like this, they've got to be affordable to most income categories in India or few people will just keep buying this as a luxury item (I bought this as a gift for my mother)...

A SUGGESTION - can y'all create a very basic soap - without all the thrills and frills and just the absolutely necessary cleansing ingredients? Hope that helps makes it affordable and maybe more people will make this switch! Same with the cleaners and shampoo bars. All the best!!

Bare Neem Wood Comb
Diksha Dolas
Wooden comb



Good products and best is the coffee scrub.
But the soap seems to be little harsh for my skin and therefore my skin feels dry also.

Good Product

Good product

Multani Mitti Face Pack
Monika Majvitorova
Great face mask-makes you skin fresh!

When I am using some face mask, this is the only one. Natural smell and very gentle to the skin.
Highly recommending!

One of the best lipbalms from Bare

The busy bee lip balm smells delicious. My lips recovered quickly from the dryness. The balm is easy to carry and great for summertime!

As delicious smelling as ever

But not only that. The Bare soaps are good to my skin (gently scrubbing and moisturising it with every bath), they are affordable, and just the right size. I also love the aesthetic and sustainable packaging. In fact, I've often used the inside of the botanical brown paper that's part of the packaging, to later write birthday notes for friends – the beauty and simplicity of it makes it so easy to repurpose that paper!

I've been using Bare soaps for over 4 years now and they are my absolute go-to.


I tried all of them and honestly, I can't rate which is the best one. But still, to have a favorite product, I would like to choose coffee scrub. It was incredible.

Excellent moisturiser!

Lovely feeling after using it...don't forget to use it on slightly moist/damp skin! It is the very BEST!

Nice Shampoo

Found the shampoo to be good


It’s amazing. Unlike This seemed so effortless to wash, cut the hair wash time in half. My hair felt healthy and soft.

My go-to lip balm

This product has been my favorite and will always be. It gives a natural shine to the lips, keeps the lips soft throughout the day and it's easy to carry around.

Attractive design and Useful Planner

I am loving this planner/diary for personal use. There's ample space to jot down work and thoughts. The colourful artwork and prompts are helpful with attractive designs.

Really Nice

This moisturizer hydrates the skin. It is taking care of my and my family's skin in Delhi Winters.