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A fresh Start - How to crush those 2022 goals now!

There are only 4 weeks left until the new year! Here are my 6 tips to jumpstart your new year. My goal is for you to live your best mindful sustainable life!


Date: 5 December 2021

Bare Thoughts on Circular Economy

Let's face it, we know climate change is here. We also know that there's way too much information out there. But it's time we act above and beyond this, because to act, we need to first become fully aware of what is really happening

From the concept of zero waste, to sustainable practices, to renewable energy, to us becoming more innovative whether we are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, designers and more, to sustainable financing models, it all contributes to a new future, a more sustainable and just future - a circular future - Circular Economy; rather than the Linear Economy which is simply just taking resources, making things out of it and not knowing what happens to anything when we discard (hint: all sorts of pollution)

We got to this stage by learning from amazing people around us and innovating; and this is what this course brings to you! All we got to do is starting learning and join in wherever you are!

Rather than just managing the waste we produce, it's about time we design waste out of the system, don't you agree?

Date: 11 November, 2021

Poonam Bir Kasturi, Founder of Daily Dump.

Poonam Bir Kasturi is the founder of Daily Dump. The organization focuses on creating easy and engaging solutions for conscious city living. It does this by making people aware of handling organic waste  through composting in fresh and simple ways. She  was trained as an industrial designer and is passionate about using design for changing systems. Her experience with teaching and working in both industrial and craft sectors inform her work at the helm of Daily Dump. Poonam is also a Founder Faculty of the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.

In this episode, Poonam and Sahar engage in a live conversation where they answer queries on circular design thinking, the power of soil, helming business in sustainability or the other way round, and of course, composting! 

Date : 02 November, 2020

Divya Narayanan, Campaigns Director,

Divya has a background in public health and human rights. She has worked in the grassroots environmental and health space for over 9 years. At she is the Campaigns Director and manages digital campaigns on air pollution & climate change, gender & sexuality and other social justice issues. She is based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. 

In this short podcast, Divya talks about how she transitioned to her present career despite having studied Microbiology in her Bachelors. She also talks about her hobbies and what inspired her to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Don't miss this brief  but super fun conversation with Divya!

Date: 21 October, 2020

Arushi Aggarwal, the Initiative

Arushi is a designer for social good; making handmade products and their makers relevant to the modern consumer. Combining traditional handcrafting processes with design, and a focus on consumer experience, she is creating positive social impact and consumer value through her venture The Initiative. Through hand quilting garment production waste, they create high quality, functional, ethically made products that generate sustainable livelihood opportunities for low-income craftspeople.
She is also a part of the Global Shapers Community where she is an Impact Officer and leads the Shaping Sustainability CHD project - bringing the local community together to meet experts, learn about new methods and techniques around sustainability, and share experiences. The project conducts online events for a global audience to engage in conversations around what sustainability means and how to fit it into their lives.
Prior to her social impact journey, Arushi worked as a Design Researcher and Strategist in Denmark. She continues to consult on projects ranging from design interventions in the craft sector to design strategy for social impact.

Date: 28th September, 2020

Swati Sambyal, Waste Management Specialist

Swati has over 10 years of experience working on policy and practices for effective and affordable waste management in India, South Asia and Global South. Helping to build regulatory and technical capacities of cities in waste management; and highlighting the importance of decentralized waste management with focus on circular economy and resource efficiency through in-depth research and advocacy.

Date: 18th September, 2020

Pragya Kapoor, Bollywood Producer and Environmentalist

A film producer, and a passionate, action-oriented environmentalist, most recently, the founder of an impact NGO, Ek Saath Foundation (@eksaathfoundation) - an initiative to educate and empower people to become part of the solution while understanding the effects our actions can have on the environment, and during COVID and lockdown, the NGO changed gears and donated freshly-cooked meals to over 5000 people everyday! 

Join us this episode as we sit down with Pragya, also one of the #VogueWarriors, to discuss what sustainability means to her as a celebrity, a citizen, a mother and a founder, the art of balancing, gender roles and motherhood!

Date: 3rd June, 2020

How we responded to COVID-19

We were recently contacted by Saksham from Lights Out Studio to have an authentic and bare conversation on what we did as a small social enterprise to stay afloat during such unprecedented times, from how we pivoted and adapted to how we communicated. 

Date: 2nd September, 2020

CB Ramkumar, The Sustainability Partnership

6Join us as we learn from the seasoned best, CB Ramkumar is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, an entrepreneur, and an expert in applied sustainability. He is an expert in helping corporates convert to total sustainability while factoring in global norms like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

Ram is a Board Member & Regional Director for South Asia with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and introduced the GSTC into India in 2010. Ram is also a Climate Reality Leader.

Date: 16th July, 2020

Dhwaj Bagrecha, 'CHoOS' WISELY & NeoX

This episode, join us as we sit down Dhwaj Bagrecha to discuss sustainability, sanitary waste management, circularity and mindfulness. Dhwaj spends a lot of time doing yoga, sitting, then writing about this yoga and sitting (LOL). This has been the core of his life for some time now. Dhwaj moved back to Bangalore to get to know his family at a deeper level, after spending some years working as a volunteer in different countries (mostly farming, many odd gigs exchanging his skills for food and a bed). "It was fantastic. I was thriving!"

Before that Dhwaj spent some time in Auroville, 4 months or so, where he was exposed to a bunch of ideas around sustainability while working for a farm, and where he first began living very simply, so as not to depend too much on the economic system.

On moving here, he just started upcycling waste at his family's steel factory (it was lying in front of me), which led to 'Choos' Wisely Straws, and then to Neo X, a Point of Collection (PoC) Incinerator. It's the safest, smartest way to deal with sanitary waste. 

"I dance ecstatically, I play football whenever I can, and fall in love every other month/week."

Sounds like we can all resonate with Dhwaj, so listen on to see how he's making an impact and striving to leave the world better than he found it.

Date: 24th July, 2020

Asha Scariya, People Kraft

Our first episode of Bare Thoughts is a special one! We invited Asha Scariya, Chief Creative Officer at People Kraft - a humble impact-driven, sustainability focused enterprise. "By impacting design, you can design impact" is one of her core beliefs, and during this episode we dive into various social issues that businesses need to address, from gender equality and equal opportunities, to transparent and ethical supply chains, and lastly embedding environmental sustainability.

Date: 5th May, 2020

Monica Kisic, Roots Radicals

Mónica is a culinary artist and chef with a phD in Molecular Biology. She has a Master degrees from Basque Culinary Center. since 2013, she has had various culinary experiences from having her own artisan bakery and ice cream line to working at top restaurants in the world. Mónica uses science in the development of her own singular cuisine, and is always inspired by seasonal, organic and vegetarian produce. Monica works to connect food-making with anthropology, taste, habits, culture, sound, visual arts and space. Monica is searching for a gastronomy that goes beyond the palate. She is also the co-founder of the artist collective Elephants & Volcanoes. She is also a very proud mom, and wants her daughter to grow up exploring the true essence of freedom, authenticity, inclusion and change. Based now in Berlin, Mónica is an advocate of the circular economy; and 2019 she founded Roots Radicals, a sustainable food company focused on food waste prevention and upcycling, aiming to empower and reconnect people to good food. 

Date: 10th June, 2020

Sandra Nicoline Nielsen & Tim van der Loo, Hands.On.Matter

Sandra, a techno-anthropologist, and Tim, a material and product designer, discuss their personal journeys, their perspectives on transitioning to a circular economy and Hands.On.Matter, a collective that unfolds the potentials of novel as well as traditional materials and production techniques as an outset for questioning resource use, consumption, sustainability and material culture of our current time.

Date: 21st May, 2020

Amita Deshpande, Recharkha The EcoSocial Tribe

Amita Deshpande is the co-founder of Recharkha The EcoSocial Tribe. She has worked extensively in Sustainable Development and CSR since the past 12 years. She designs our EcoSocial projects, managing them at the grassroots and ensuring their transparent operations. This episode Amita tells us about how Recharkha takes single use plastic wrappers and hand weave them into gorgeous beach bags! 

Date: 30th May, 2020

Magda Cebrian, Go Zero Waste App

Today join us in welcoming Magda Cebrian, Co founder of Go Zero Waste, a social startup based in Barcelona that works to enable a waste-free life. We will be discussing a variety of topics from zero waste living, to circular economies, to building a healthy community and the importance of doing our own research!

Together with her partner Martí they found themselves navigating their way towards a more sustainable lifestyle for the better of our planet and people, and started becoming increasingly aware and in incorporating zero waste habits! Next, they decided to start their own business to help make it easier for other people to transition to a zero waste lifestyle by creating Go Zero Waste app, an app that helps you find local business and products to shop local and waste-free. It also includes small challenges to learn how to reduce your everyday waste with tips at your own pace. Lastly, hear from Magda one her one powerful tip to all aspiring change makers and entrepreneurs out there

GoZeroWaste App is currently available in Spain, the UK, Argentina and Chile and working to make it available worldwide soon.

Date: 20th June, 2020

Gergana Damyanova, blonde gone rogue

Join us as we sit down with Gergana Damyanova, Co-Founder and CEO of blonde gone rogue - a London-based sustainable fashion start-up aiming at redefining experience and transparency in the industry. The brand uses sustainable, organic and up-cycled materials as well as innovative design methods to bring low-impact, unique clothing to the mass consumer.

blonde gone rogue started in 2017 with the belief that there is more to fashion that meets the eye. They created an ethical and transparent supply chain to prove that it is possible to treat employees fairly and pay living wages. They found the most sustainable and people-entered way to create our clothes from upcycled materials. They also launched a solution, The Blonde Chain, which gives consumers complete transparency into their production process

Listen on as we talk about circularity, sustainable fashion, what we can do as businesses and consumers, and question of the hour, how do we tackle greenwashing!

Date: 10th July, 2020

Aaditi Joshi, Artist

Accumulating a significant quantity of multicolored plastic bags has become a way for Joshi to initiate dialogue about these issues of plastic pollution to look at these materials in new ways.

To create these bold works, Joshi uses heat to manipulate and fuse together the bags. She applies the heat-from a candle, a bag sealer, or a heat gun-three or four times to create texture, and, like alchemy, these objects of a convenience-obsessed urban culture become lacelike. By embedding LED lights inside the plastic, In addition to changing the appearance of the plastic, the heat hardens it, making it stable enough to create many small clusters that can easily be affixed to large, wooden armatures. Once an exhibition is over, Joshi dismantles the piece and reuses the clusters in subsequent works.

Date: 8th July, 2020

Amishi Parasrampuria, Upcycled Lab

Amishi founded Upcycler’s Lab, a company that creates environment themed play based learning tools for children. Her vision is to change mindset and behaviour around the environment, since most human behaviour is formed by age 9. "We primarily create products for ages 2-9. Additionally we believe that children can be powerful agents of change and can influence the adults in their lives. Studies already suggest that over 70% learning happens outside the classroom and that play based learning helps retain information for longer. We want to combine these facts into robust products that can align with environmental goals."

Date: 1st July, 2020