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Zero Waste Living 101 [Self-Paced Online Course]

Learn how you can practically get started with tackling your waste footprint

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  • This course takes you on a journey to start transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle. It provides realistic and feasible zero waste changes that you can make at a personal level to help our communities transition to a healthier one! The course, through the many forms of learning, allows you to make your own informed choices, set realistic goals and make tangible differences on a broader global scale as well!

    We will be providing you with access to eye-opening research and data, interviews with more than 10 well-known experts in various fields, and over a dozen DIY videos with countless tips and tricks that you can learn from and incorporate into your life!

    Who is this course for?

    Everyone looking to transition to a zero waste lifestyle! Whether you've already started the transition, or you're trying to find ways to get started, this course helps you find ideas that you may have never thought of or heard of, or it will give you the inspiration to come up with your own ideas and goals!

    Sounds exciting? Join us in our vision to transition to a waste-free environment! Do it for the environment, but most importantly, do it for yourself!

    How to access?
    You will receive a mail within 24 hours of your purchase with instructions on how to access your account on our Bare Learning platform!  If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder for an email from ''
  • This course looks at zero-waste changes you can make at a personal level to changes that you can be a part of to make zero-waste the norm in the societies and communities we live in. This will help you to make your own informed choices about your own life, and potentially make tangible differences on a broader global scale as well!
    • 10 modules
    • 25+ interactional, fun and informative videos
    • Expert insights from various industries
    • 100+ Sustainability Resources
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn ways to go zero-waste in the following aspects and increase your knowledge and awareness:
    • Personal care
    • Closet
    • Kitchen
    • Home care
    • Gifting
    • Occupation
    • City
    • Travel
    • Lifestyle
    • Circular Economy
    The course provides you a holistic view of all of sustainability, from actions we can take, to resources to learn from, to listening to other experts from various industries and their journeys so we can apply it to ours!

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Meet The Experts

Devina Singh
Devina Singh
Campaign & Outreach Manager, Fairtrade India

Devina is a campaigner for Fairtrade and Fashion Revolution. She studied finance and accounting at Christ University and worked in tax consultancy for a year. While pursuing a fellowship program in social entrepreneurship from IDEX Accelerator, Devina was placed at Fairtrade India for an internship.

4 years later Devina is still working with Fairtrade on raising awareness about sustainable food and fashion through campaigns and outreach programs. She started Show Your Label in India in 2015 and volunteers with Fashion Revolution India as their Bangalore coordinator.

CB Ramkumar
CB Ramkumar
Sustainability Entrepreneur

Ram is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur, and an expert in applied sustainability. In 2006 Ram came back to India and founded Our Native Village, an eco-resort just outside Bangalore, in South India. His journey in building this project can be followed through his book, 'Green Dreams.'

Ram is now the Founder of 'The Sustainability Partnership', a sustainability consulting company, which helps companies transition towards total sustainability and aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

Abhishek Jani
Abhishek Jani
CEO Fairtrade India

Abhishek has over sixteen years of experience working with start-ups, social enterprises and multi-nationals both in India and overseas.

Abhishek joined as the CEO and the first employee of Fairtrade India where he now leads a team which is responsible for building sustainable and Fairtrade market linkages for small-holder farmers- across varied value chains including Food and Beverage, FMCG products and Fashion.

Nivi Murthy
Nivi Murthy
Founder IKKIVI

Nivi studied Fashion Merchandising in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Wherein she got the opportunity to understand in depth the problem of overstock in the fashion industry along with gaining an awareness about the unethical nature of the industry. The drive to make a positive change led to IKKIVI. IKKIVI is a global e-commerce platform for independent sustainable and ethical designers. IKKIVI also functions as a platform to educate and create awareness about slow fashion and slow and mindful consumption. 

Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards
Founder, Copper & Cloves

Sarah wants to educate and inspire people with the skills and knowledge they need to eat beautifully. Sarah believes that true health and wellness is achieved through knowledge and understanding of your own body and mindfully choosing whole, fresh foods. When you recognise the signals your body is sending you then you are able to change the way you feel through changes to your eating style, habits, and self-care practices. Sarah is training to be a health and nutrition coach and is a passionate home cook.

Kiran Ayathan
Kiran Ayathan
Partnerships and Outlets Lead, Daily Dump

Born and raised in Bangalore, Kiran is a Mass Communication and Psychology graduate from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She moved to Bombay in 2008 to pursue her career in the TV and Advertising industry. She worked as a Freelance Associate Producer for 4 years and spent the next 6 years working on close to 100 TV commercials as an Assistant Director. After having spent 10 years in the industry, she was a bit disillusioned with the work and wanted to do something with a little more meaning. She packed her bags, moved back to Bangalore, and subsequently connected with Poonam at Daily Dump. She currently works as the Channel Growth Lead and is helping expand the business further.

Mehul Manjeshwar
Mehul Manjeshwar
Marketing & Communications, Bare Necessities

Mehul is a nature-lover and passionate about helping us all slow our lives down and be more mindful with all that we do. Currently, he heads the Marketing for Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions, a social enterprise with a vision to help communities transition to a waste-free environment. He is a firm believer in progress over perfection and and raising awareness through positivity, solutions and genuineness. The only way to do this is to bring people together, interact and discuss! Mehul has lived in Qatar, Canada and now Bangalore while volunteering for various environmental NGOs, studying Sustainability and Lifecycle, and traveled to work with rural villages and children in helping build infrastructure.

Sahar Mansoor
Sahar Mansoor
Founder & CEO, Bare Necessities

Sahar graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Environmental Economics and Law and later worked abroad for the World Health Organization. Whilst working with SELCO Foundation installing and managing the installation of solar panels throughout various villages, she had the opportunity to spend time working with waste picking communities in her home state of Karnataka, India. This led Sahar to create Bare Necessities in 2016 due to a desire to address the amount of waste that she was producing in her life. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this project that is helping her business become a zero waste knowledge hub for Indians across the country.

Tim de Ridder
Tim de Ridder
Sustainability Consultant and Education Officer, Bare Necessities

Tim has lived and worked in multiple countries across Asia since he studied a Masters in Environmental Management at Monash University, Australia. His time in India has seen him strengthen numerous social businesses that he has consulted for in various ways including formulating their ambitions and goals as well as ensuring that their structure and processes are to a high standard that will be robust enough for expansion. His experience has been invaluable for Bare Necessities creation of this project.

Prithvi Rao
Prithvi Rao
Co-Founder, Exchange Room

Prithvi is a design consultant who has worked as a designer & Creative Head with some top fashion retail brands in India. She has over 10 years of experience in womenswear, retail & trend forecast. She is a National Institute of Fashion Technology alumnus which she continues to visit for guest lectures. Besides running Exchange Room, her passions include travel, yoga & music. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor as well.

Sangeet Paliwal
Sangeet Paliwal
Co-Founder, Exchange Room

Sai Sangeet is the founder & Creative Head of Soda by Sai Sangeet Paliwal, a home decor label established in 2007. She is a National Institute of Fashion Technology Alumnus & has also completed her Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs from IIM Bangalore. She is a vintage lover, creative soul, a deep thinker, is passionate about learning & exploring different cultures.

Amarpreet Singh
Amarpreet Singh
Business Development, Daily Dump

Amar heads Business Strategy at Daily Dump - a 14 year old waste management company that has revolutionised home and community composting in the country. Amar believes that systemic thinking and designing products that change consumer mindsets around sustainability are key towards changing the way waste is managed in the country. Amar is a trained civil engineer and an alumni of the Social Entrepreneurship programme at INSEAD.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Khushboo Abidi
Action towards awareness is important!!

In my personal view this is the most important issue in today's era but still very few are doing thier part rest of all are just living like there is no tomorrow.. only those who feel little connected to the nature and earth will be doing this course and its a good way to gain knowledge and implement it keep it up..

Madhaw Agrawal
could be more informative and inclusive

in terms of DIY products, I feel the videos were less helpful but in an overall knowledge field and tips to reduce waste I found the course to be of much use.

Chirag Gupta
Learn, implement and be!!

A great course on how to adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Would have definitely given 4.5 stars, if option was available. I hope this course, in some form or the other, becomes a part of every school curriculum. It's important that we start living responsibly now and give our beautiful planet a chance to restore to its full glory and splendor!!

Ayesha Mehrotra

A systemic change needs to happen for things to revolutionize the conversation around waste!


Huge consumer demand has created an explosion of production which has been the major contributor to the global waste crisis. we need to get mindful of our choices and choose an organic lifestyle.