#GoGreen for #EcoDiwali Tip 2 – Mindfulness

#GoGreen for #EcoDiwali Tip 2 – Mindfulness

The countdown continues! Our next post is all about being mindful about the impact our celebrations and actions can have on people of all ages, animals and our environment. It is very important for us to all slow down and really think about the before, during, and after implications of everything we do.

Here are 3 more tips on transitioning your Diwali celebrations to a more a green, sustainable and zero-waste Diwali!

Skip the whole bursting crackers thing

Noise Pollution and Air Pollution – this is really what bursting crackers contributes to. Over the years, this has become a habit and this might be a habit that people may never forego. So the solution? Either opt for less polluting crackers and burst them in open areas away from residences, or simply, not burst crackers this Diwali. We get it, how can one not burst crackers? But we need to be mindful of the negative implications of such actions especially if we want our children to also enjoy the same Diwali we enjoy each and every year!

Using Diyas instead of bursting crackers - Diwali is about peace, happiness and joy

Think Reusable!

This is quite important, but we can all do it! The next time you’re about to go grocery shopping, make it a point to stop and think whether you are carrying your reusable bags! All the grocery shopping that happens during festival seasons can really cause a huge burden on our environment. Especially with so much that is packaged in plastic that cannot be recycled. Just simply slow down your shopping process, and ask yourself, how sustainable is this product? Whether it’s the packaging, the ingredients or how it was sourced – we need to become mindful to support our environment along with our local communities

With Diwali comes delicious food and dinners! Make an attempt to greenify this Diwali with reusable cutlery and plates rather than single-use plastic. Not only does it divert waste from our landfills, but also creates a warm atmosphere for your events, dinners and get-togethers!

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Segregate your waste!

This is quite simple and self-explanatory – but Daily Dump makes it even simpler (didn’t even know that was possible!) Check out these resources to help you segregate waste effectively, keeping in mind the implications this will have on the water we drink and the air we breathe, along with those people who are trying their best to segregate your waste for you without any proper tools.

Diwali is about showing gratitude and appreciation to our homes, to our families and our friends. All this wouldn't be possible without the environment that surrounds us. So let's all play our part in keeping our cities and oceans clean like the way we clean our homes when we are expecting guests this Diwali!