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#GoGreen this #EcoDiwali - Awareness

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#GoGreen this #EcoDiwali - Awareness

The countdown to Diwali has gotten to its final stages, SO EXCITING!

An underlying theme throughout all our lovely festivals is the idea of togetherness, and showing gratitude towards the ones you love through gifts of appreciation.

However, over the many number of years, festival celebrations have transitioned from togetherness, simplicity and gratitude to a more materialistic and commercial happening. With fire crackers, flowers in plastic bags, and tons and tons of gifts wrapped in plastic, festivals have been known to have a huge negative implication on our environment. Whether its polluting our water ways, to the air we breathe, and lastly to the hygiene aspect of our cities (GARBAGE!), we really need to become far more mindful and responsible in how we celebrate these joyous times so we can decrease the burden we cause on our environment and future generations.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can we possibly change how we celebrate Diwali, or any festivity for that matter? Simply put, let’s all go ask our grandmothers, our parents and older generations all about their celebrations – we did that for you. Over the next 3 quick posts as we get closer to Diwali, we want to share with you how you can "greenify" your Diwali celebrations!