#Masked - A series of interviews with inspirational women - Tanvie Hans

#Masked - A series of interviews with inspirational women - Tanvie Hans

It's become a community of women that support each other and it is about the sports in general but it's so much more than just that though.”

Women have proved themselves capable of doing everything, be it any field. At this age, you wouldn’t see any profession where “the gentle gender” has not left their mark and are continuing to do so. And, at Bare we are proud yet humbled to have been associated with such beautiful souls. The series #Masked was all about knowing such lovely ladies and we are more than grateful that all of them came forward and collaborated with us so easily. Thank you would be such a small word to express our feelings. Continuing with the series - now here is a person who was completely different when it came to the other women we had collaborated with. Clear-cut, extremely sporty and yes, she is the co-founder of Sisters in Sweat along with Swetha Subbiah. Tanvie had joined us for the photoshoot at Bare HQ on the same day as of Swetha but a little later. While talking about Tanvie or Swetha, there are a lot of highlight points. And it obviously goes a way beyond a few words in this blog. 

Tanvie Hans, Captain, Karnataka state team & Parikrma FC.

Tanvie at Bare HQ

Tanvie is one of the most well-known female footballers in India and also one among the few Indian-origin players who has played for Tottenham Ladies and Fulham Ladies. But you need to meet her in person to know how humble she is. It was indeed an honour for us at Bare to get to know her and Swetha. It was under the guidance of several coaches that she developed her passion and skill for the sport. Delhi is the city where she spent most of her life and also the place where she started her journey playing with the boys in her school. Having played at the national and state level for many years and also experiencing the brilliant level in England, she came back to India. It was the year 2016 when she returned and since then she has been involved in many projects. Currently she is the Captain of the Karnataka State team and Parikrama FC in Bangalore. 

Tanvie with Bare Cutlery-to-go and a delicious Banana Almond Smoothie

Instagram: @tanviehans

The most fun part was when Tanvie came in on the 6th of November, entered our HQ, pulled out her laptop and started to work. It was almost after a good 45 minutes that she showed a very apologetic face and told that she’s done with her work and we can do the photoshoot. Yes. She actually fell in love with Bare HQ. Cosy, welcoming and a place where you can comfortably work for hours. Just like Swetha, it was a bit difficult to choose the products which would suit her personality. So we zeroed in on our Stainless Steel Straw Chunky Bent and Cutlery-to-go. We had made a delicious Banana Almond smoothie for her which in fact Swetha had her eyes on and finally had it. 

We also asked our ritualistic questions to which Tanvie gave her answers.

1) What made you start Sisters in Sweat? Tell us more about this community of badass women you created?

For the past two years we have been having a session every weekend. It's only in the past 6 months or so that Swetha and I obviously see a lot of potential in sort of expanding what we are doing here with this community and reaching out to more women and more venues and maybe to more cities as well. So, it's not something we went out looking to do but which happened organically and it's grown into so much more than the football sessions we do. It's become a community of women that support each other and it is about the sports in general but it's so much more than just that though.

2) Why do you think more people should engage in team sports? What are the benefits of playing a sport?

I have pretty much played a lot of sports growing up, some individual as well as team sports. And, I really think that what I have at least personally gained from playing football and other team sports throughout my life is that it has really encouraged me to open up and accept people of all different backgrounds, all different cultural backgrounds and people with different kinds of thinking. And, of course playing sport in general is so important because it teaches you so many life skills that you can't learn from textbooks.

3) Given your busy schedule, what is your self-care routine to restore balance?

When I am in season i.e, when I have my tournaments happening, at that time my routine sort of happens organically because obviously for my training schedule. But in off-season, through the months of the year when I am not in competition it's a little bit more challenging but it's good for me to have some boxes that i can tick through the day and week.

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