Why Younger Generations Are More Eco-Conscious Than the Older Generation

Why Younger Generations Are More Eco-Conscious Than the Older Generation

One of our favorite aspects of being part of a community passionate about our environment and its preservation, is that we come across amazing fellow eco warriors. 

Read on as Sara Kipf, formerly an environmental health worker and now a writer, shares her thoughts on environmental awareness and the new generation. 

In a world where people are more aware of the environment and its conservation, it is no surprise that younger generations are taking up this cause. Seventy-nine major protests held across 22 states in the past three years in India have been fueled by youths protesting against unsanitary dump yards and landfills.

Younger Generations Have Grown Up with Environmental Education from an Early Age

These days the conversation is on how to reduce the carbon footprint. The news, social media, and platforms are filled with how recycling can help. Kids are born into a world where environmental conservation is the talk of the day. This is all they will know. India's recycling rate is at 60%, much higher than the world's 20% average.

Awareness of environmental issues has been increasing, especially among young people. An increase in the number of recycling programs and increased awareness through media is aiding this process. Also, as more technologies emerge to help address these problems (e.g., solar panels), it becomes easier for younger generations to make eco-friendly choices without much ado.

Green Jobs Are on the Rise

20% of global green jobs created in 2017 were in India. These employed about 432,000 Indian youths. As people are increasingly aware of environmental issues, they have also become more concerned about the well-being of our planet. This has led to many young adults taking up jobs that address these problems or starting their businesses in this space. Green careers don't just entail being an activist but can include various industries such as renewable energy, recycling, etc.

The Need to Stay Organized

The young generation understands the importance of tidying up their homes and the need to stay organized. There are also a lot of programs that encourage donating unwanted items to avoid wastage. This is not just a matter of hygiene, but also to help the environment. The younger generation has been known for staying more organized and having better time management skills than older generations. Such habits can easily be translated into environmental conservation efforts as well.

To keep this planet from littering, everyone must do their bit, in whatever capacity they can. This is not just a matter of saving this planet but also about our well-being and that of future generations. It's essential to come together and make this world more sustainable for all living beings on Earth.


Written by Sara Kipf