Zero-Waste Changes That Cost Rs. 0

Zero-Waste Changes That Cost Rs. 0

Due to greenwashing flooding every industry, it is so easy to get roped into buying all of these expensive swaps for products you use daily. It is great to purchase sustainable dupes, but zero-waste living can also be super cost efficient! It can even cost nothing. Here are 5 zero-waste changes you can incorporate into your daily life that are free!

1. Reducing

Let go of the notion of “trends” and what is “in” and “out.” These are concepts the fashion industry created to get consumers to continue purchasing products they truly don’t need. Saying no to these things is 100% free and will help you to gain the confidence to turn down other consumer manipulation tactics!

2. Stay in 

By making food and drink at home, you can reduce your carbon footprint by so much! Consider all of the pollution that goes into one trip to a shop or restaurant—driving or taking public transport, the energy emitted to make meals for hundreds of people on a stove or oven, the massive amounts of dishwashing and water waste, the list goes on and on! By staying home and cooking your own meals, you can avoid all of this.

3. Simplify your home

A few ways to reduce the waste at home is to purchase reusable dish towels to use rather than going through hundreds of rolls of paper towels every year. Decomposing paper towels in our landfills (remember, more than 13 million pounds per year) produce methane gas. Methane gas is a leading cause of global warming. Another way to reduce waste is to use old t-shirts that would typically go to a landfill as dish rags!

4. DIY

By making your own products at home whether it be beauty/skincare products, home care goods, or decor, you can really limit your waste. Think of a few projects you can do with things around your home and get started. A pro zero-waste tip: all you need to make toothpaste is baking soda and water!

5. Gifting

Last but not least, here are simple suggestions for zero-waste gifts: listening, donating, saying thank you, quality time, your presence. The greatest and biggest gift you could give anyone is simply being present with your presence. Drop that phone! Enjoy each other’s company and have an uplifting conversation.

We can all make cost-friendly changes to our lives to help the environment, no matter how much money we make or what we do. Let’s try our best to take care of our planet and take care of eachother!


Written by: Molly Brown