Urban gardening masterclass with IKEA

Urban gardening masterclass with IKEA

Bare Necessities hosted yet another series of sustainability themed workshops for IKEA. Arranged across their three locations in India, namely, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, our workshops were themed around home gardening, gardening tips, composting among others! 

In the wake of the work from home era and hybrid work environments that was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to immense convenience, bringing along with it a range of new issues. From managing stress levels to addressing posture problems and enhancing productivity, we’re all grappling with different issues as we work in these environments. Many working individuals have found their own unique ways to cope with this new issue that is born out of our new reality. 

Against this backdrop, Bare Necessities, along with IKEA decided to speak about how home gardening can be a potential and practical solution to help combat stress. Whether an individual is working in an urban or rural setting, cultivating a green space to call your own has numerous benefits.

Home gardening in Indian homes: 

In our experience working with and interacting with several eco-conscious individuals has led us to realise the massive scope that home gardening possesses. From ornamental plants to edible greens, there’s plenty of scope that home gardening offers. Many urban dwellers are armed with more information about organic foods accompanied with a curiosity to know where their produce is coming from. 

Building your own vegetable patch: 

Ornamental, flowering plants are perhaps the most frequently chosen plants that embellish most homes. Beyond that, we spoke about the possibility of also cultivating vegetables at home and shared tips to do the same! It was absolutely delightful to receive many more tips and tricks from our audience, who had some key insights to share for any novices setting foot into this. 

In contrast to popular belief, vegetable patches are not space guzzlers. Vegetables like spinach, tomato, brinjal, ladies finger/okra can flourish in just one pot! A herb patch is another great addition to have at your home garden. Herbs like lemongrass, mint, coriander, curry leaves, basil, are staples in everyone’s home and can be very easily grown at home. And guess what, they hardly take up any room! One tiny pot is all they need! 

Benefits of a home garden: 

Beyond the very obvious aesthetic appeal, home gardening has significant advantages. Growing vegetables at home can lead to cost savings over time, particularly with vegetables like broccoli and lettuce. Farm-to-table cannot get more authentic than this! In doing so, there is a significant reduction of carbon emissions with complete elimination of external plastic packaging. Moreover, by growing vegetables and herbs at home, there is greater control on the quality of soil and avoidance of pesticide use. Moreover, you can compost kitchen scraps, enriching your own soil, while reducing the waste sent to landfills!

Getting started on your home garden: 

During the course of the session, we took our audience through the detailed steps that go into setting up a home garden. From understanding space availability to choosing suitable plants to sunlight and watering and maintenance, we covered it all! We received so many gardening hacks, tips and tricks from our audience! Their keen participation and infectious enthusiasm has planted a seed in all of us at the Bare office to grow and care for a plant :) 

Furthermore, we spoke about composting and how easy it actually is. As always, the session came to an end, with us creating a terrarium. This interactive session simplified sustainable gardening practices, while encouraging IKEA family members to explore their green thumbs. Together, let us cultivate a healthier and cleaner future - one seed at a time.