Virtual Workshops for JP Morgan & Coursera

Virtual Workshops for JP Morgan & Coursera

At Bare Necessities, we believe education is just as important as selling products that can make sustainability accessible. By raising awareness and building knowledge about sustainability, we empower individuals and communities to take action. Furthermore, we view this as a domino effect, where knowledge spreads and creates a positive ripple on the larger society. 

Offering workshops and talks has been at the core of our mission since our inception. We have had wonderful opportunities to work with diverse groups from corporations to schools. Like most, we focused solely on in-person workshops, however, the pandemic opened doors to the possibility of exploring virtual workshops. And since, we have not looked back! 

Virtual workshops have allowed us to reach wider audiences across different locations. We have hosted a plethora of various virtual workshops for organisations such Amdocs, Accenture, Collins Aerospace, LinkedIn, Flipkart among many others. This Earth Day, we partnered with JP Morgan and Coursera on specific sustainability themes, and customised it based on their requirements 

JP Morgan Workshops: 

  • Sustainable Events: As an organisation that regularly hosts various events in their office, JP Morgan requested a workshop that would guide them to green their events. This was right up our alley and we covered topics like establishing green event guidelines, choosing sustainable vendors and using reusable materials for decor. 
  • Water Conservation: With rising temperatures impacting water availability across the country, we discussed the importance of water conservation. During the workshop we addressed the challenges of water scarcity, practical tips for reducing usage and rainwater harvesting techniques. 

The team at JP Morgan had some wonderful things to say about the workshop too, “Thank you for conducting two great sessions on Making corporate events sustainable and Immersive Workshop on Being Water-Wise. We would request to please share learning resources, also a recap along with important pointers from the sessions.” 

Coursera Workshop: 

  • Planet vs. Plastic: The workshop for Coursera tackled the ever growing problem of plastic pollution and explored ways to minimise single use plastic consumption by opting for reusable alternatives. Additionally, we looked into organising and participating in zero waste events.

The Team at Coursera had generous feedback to share too! “Thank you so much for 2 fantastic sessions! All the participants really enjoyed themselves. The second session was truly a blast!!” 

While in person workshops offer a unique experience, allowing us to get a pulse of the audience. However, both the virtual workshops hosted for JP Morgan and Coursera have been extremely interactive with so many participants engaging and sharing practical tips for the others in the room. We could see so many of them becoming active stewards of the planet within their communities. Through these workshops, we can all contribute significantly towards a more sustainable future.